NASA Astronauts Share Breathtaking Pictures of Himalayas, Italy’s Turin

NASA Astronauts Share Breathtaking Pictures of Himalayas, Italy's Turin

Somewhere on a clear, bright day in the Himalayas, the NASA astronaut captioned the photo

New Delhi:

The International Space Station (ISS) shares some breathtaking pictures of the planet as well as other bodies in space frequently and leaves Twitter in awe. NASA astronaut and flight engineer for the ISS Mark T. Vande Hei shared a picture of the snow-capped Himalayas and captioned it: “Somewhere on a clear, bright day in the Himalayas. I can’t get enough views like this.”

But Mark wasn’t the only one who shared a picture captured from the ISS. Shane Kimbrough, another NASA astronaut, who is currently aboard the ISS, posted a captivating night-time photograph of Turin, a city in Italy.

“Turin, Italy – a city with rich history and culture in northern Italy is easy to spot from the Space Station. Buona Notte Italia!” Mr Kimbrough wrote.

Soon after the photographs were shared, people on the micro-blogging site lauded both astronauts and were smitten by the view of the planet from space.

Reacting to Mark Hei’s tweet, a Twitter user said that it was “an impressive and refreshing photograph”.

“Thanks for sharing. It’s almost yummy to me and it makes me wish to get a nitrogen ice cream. I’m still indecisive regarding its flavo(u)r. Oh yes: diabolo iceberg!” he added.

“How beautiful! Looks like we can touch the snow! It’s incredible! Thank you very much Mark,” said another.

Here are some more reactions to Mark’s picture.

A user marked his hometown on the picture shared by Shane Kimbrough and wrote: “Thank you Shane, for the amazing picture of my hometown! Writing from my couch there in the red circle. Borgo Rossini greets you.”

Another user said he could spot a lot of locations and streets.

Many others appreciated the photos.

On May 29, ISS posted some spectacular photos of the Earth. The ISS shared four different photos of “the Earth’s colours” — capturing our home planet “from the city lights to the hues of an orbital sunrise.” It also added, “how vivid our planet is when pictured from the space station.”  The first image is of Mauritius and Reunion Island on the Indian Ocean at night, with the glittering lights marking their boundaries in the dark sea. In the second photo, we can see the sun’s glint beaming off the Tasman Sea on the south-eastern coast of New South Wales, Australia. The third is a breathtaking photograph of night lights of Italy during an orbital twilight, while the fourth one is captivating hues of an orbital sunrise in far East Asia.

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