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Narappa Telugu Movie Review |

Release Date : 20 July 2021

Starring: Venkatesh, Priyamani, Karthik Rathnam

Director : Shrikant Addala

Produced by : Kalaipuli S Thanu; D. Suresh Babu

Music Director: Mani Sharma

Narappa is one of the biggest upcoming films in the OTT sector. The film starring Venkatesh and Priyamani in the lead is now on Amazon Prime. Let’s see how it is.


Narappa (Venkatesh) lives a peaceful life with his wife (Priyamani), daughter and two sons in a small village in Anantapur. The village head, Pandusamy plans to take over Narappa’s land and it does not go well with his elder son Munkanna (Karthik Ratnam), who locks horns with Panduswamy. Disaster strikes and Narappa has to face heavy losses. In an unexpected way, even as Narappa remains calm, his younger son, Sinnappa, takes a violent course of revenge, with dire consequences. Was Narappa able to protect his family and land, is the story of Narappa?

(more points)

The film has a solid background and has established itself very well in Telugu. The location, production value and the shots shot give a solid feel to this film. More than anything, Shrikant Addala does well with his take and doesn’t experiment much. He retains the spirit from the original and shows Venkatesh in a solid manner.

Talking about Venkatesh, you can say that this is one of the best performances of his career so far. Venkatesh stuns you with his aggression and emotional outbursts in the film. Usually we are used to seeing Venky in funny roles but. He plays a dual role and is also good as the aggressive son. Watch out for Venky and Priyamani’s performance in the scene of their son’s death.

National Award winning actress, Priyamani has played her supporting role perfectly. She is the apt choice for the role and Priyamani brings a lot of depth to the whole setup with her emotional outbursts. The dialogues and Anantapur accent have also been used well in the film. More than anything, it is the strong emotions that click Narappa prominently in the first half.

Rajeev Kanakala gets a wonderful role after a long time and he supports Venkatesh throughout the film. With every passing day, Kartik Ratnam is getting great roles and his role as Munikanna is amazing and the young actor does exceptionally well. The child actors who played Sinnappa were also amazing.

(Minus points)

After the emotional and gritty first pleasure, the pace of the film drops significantly. The film is taken into flashback mode and this slows down the proceedings. The problems that people from upper class to lower class face are mostly shown in this flashback and it does not create much impact.

This flashback takes a lot of time and Venkatesh’s short love track involving Ammu Abhirami also doesn’t help the proceedings. The film is quite predictable and those who have seen the original film will be left disappointed during the second half as the film misses out on a bit of intensity despite a good ending.

(technical aspects)

The production values ​​of the film are top notch. The intensity and raw look are brilliantly created by the camerawork. The dialogues are good and so was the costume design. The script was good and brought up the emotions and tragedy well in the first half. Mani Sharam’s music is good but his BGM was solid and gives rise to even the smallest of scenes.

Talking about director Shrikant Addala, he has made a good comeback with Narappa. He is quite strong with family feelings and shows them well in Narappa as well. His grip on the script was amazing and he didn’t let the guard down for the most part. The best part is that he showed Venkatesh in a solid way. If he had made the second half also quite entertaining, things would have been better.


Overall, Narappa is a well made family drama with some solid action and emotion. The story is a bit predictable and things slow down in the later parts of the interval. Those who have seen the original film will surely make comparisons, but the catchy narration and Venkatesh’s exceptional acting brushes aside all the mess and made this film a fascinating watch this weekend.

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