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While the monsoon season may be a pleasant break from the blazing summer heat for many of us, it’s not all fun and games for our young children. Therefore, even while the rains assist in bringing down the soaring temperatures, the air’s humidity and wetness have their own set of problems, including heat rashes, skin infections, pus boils, and baby diaper rashes. Learn some helpful advice for monsoon infant care.

Babies and toddlers have an immune systems which is still developing, making it simple for them to get sick frequently. We consulted experts to find out the most effective strategy to keep your kid from becoming ill too frequently! 

In an exclusive conversation with Zee English, Ms Kinjal Popat, COO, Co-Founder of R for Rabbit shares tips to prevent and protect your newborn baby or toddler’s skin from skin infections and diseases prevelant in rainy weather.

It is vital to give our beautiful newborns’ sensitive skin extra care and attention as we prepare for the monsoon season’s heavy rains and oppressive humidity. 

The delicate skin of kids is more susceptible to a variety of potential problems due to the increased moisture in the air. 

Be at ease! Take advantage of these crucial skincare suggestions to keep your child’s skin glowing, healthy, and well-protected throughout this delightful rainy season. 

Tips to Protect Your Baby From Monsoon-Prone Skin Porblems

Following these tips can help protect your baby’s skin in the monsoons:

Moisturize regularly

Moisturising is essential during the monsoon season to avoid dryness and keep babies’ skin healthy. Choose a baby-safe, sensitive moisturiser and apply it after each bath and whenever your baby’s skin seems dry. Look for moisturisers with natural components such as shea butter or almond oil. 

Dress your baby appropriately

To ensure optimum air circulation and reduce sweating, make your kids wear loose, breathable clothing made of natural fibres such as cotton. Overdressing your kid might cause heat rashes or prickly heat. To protect them from rain or extreme humidity, keep their heads covered with a soft cotton cap. 

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Cleanse with a mild, pH-balanced cleanser

Baths are crucial during the monsoon season to keep your baby clean and prevent bacterial or fungal illnesses. To gently cleanse their skin, use a moderate, pH balanced cleanser designed exclusively for newborns. Avoid using strong soaps or body washes that may eliminate natural oils. 

Protect from mosquito bites

Mosquito-borne infections are more common during the monsoon season. To prevent your infant from mosquito bites, use a baby-safe mosquito repellent lotion or patches. Dress children in long-sleeved clothing and keep them indoors during peak mosquito activity. 

Maintain proper hygiene

Regularly wash and sanitize your baby’s toys, bedding, and other items to prevent the growth of germs and fungi. Avoid using damp towels or blankets instead ensure they are thoroughly dried before use. 

By taking care of the correct skincare routine, you can safeguard your baby’s skin throughout the time when it rains. Moisturising, suitable attire, mosquito protection and maintaining cleanliness are all important aspects of keeping your baby’s skin healthy and protected. To experience the rainy season worry-free, prioritise your baby’s skincare requirements.

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