Mira Kapoor’s Latest Foodie Indulgence Features This Delicacy

Yummilicious alert. Courtesy: Mira Kapoor, of course. And, it is safe to say that she has kickstarted her weekend on a “delicious” note. Mira is quite expressive about her food choices and indulgences. As of now, she enjoyed a bread delicacy that came with a healthy twist. Mira chomped on “50 percent wholegrain sourdough focaccia,” and found it delicious. The baker Kavita Shah who prepared this dish shared a picture of the delight on Instagram Stories. She mentioned, “Baked for someone really special.” Mira reshared the post and added, “Delicious.” The yummy looking delight was topped with cherry tomatoes and other ingredients.  

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If you are looking forward to bingeing on something similar, there are quite a few options that you can try out. We have curated a list of five heavenly bread recipes that will not disappoint you. Just try these out at home and you’ll love them.

1) Olive and rosemary focaccia bread

This Italian bread topped with herbs will leave you asking for more. It tastes amazing and is loaded with rosemary and olives. You can enjoy it with dips of your choice (if you want). Find out the recipe here.

2) Bruschetta

Who doesn’t like this one? It’s a popular Italian dish garnished with a variety of toppings, predominantly tomatoes, vegetables, beans, and sometimes even meat or cheese. It’s a great appetiser for an evening with friends at home. Click here for the recipe.  


3) BLT eggy bread

Now, this is a perfect breakfast to start your day. For all egg lovers out there, this recipe is a must-try. Basically, BLT is a popular British tea-time sandwich that stands for bacon, lettuce and tomatoes. You can have it with your steaming hot cuppa for a wonderful experience. Recipe here.

4) Mango bread

Ever heard of something like this? Yes, there’s a recipe. You can prepare this fruity bread whenever you feel like digging into a good dessert. Almonds and raisins add a subtle crunch to the dish. Find the recipe here.

5) No oven garlic bread

This recipe hardly takes about half an hour to get ready. Added advantage? You don’t even need an oven to make this. The first step is to prepare a wonderful dough that’s fluffy. Spread it properly, apply butter, sprinkle oregano, chilli flakes and garlic powder on it and make light cuts. Bake it perfectly in a pan. Recipe here.


So, when are you trying out these recipes at home?

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