MG Motor India Unveils The MGverse Website

Digital car buying, NFT transactions, gaming, MG owners club activities, and employee upskilling are just a few of the features available in MG’s metaverse.

MG Motor India has announced the launch of the MGverse, a new online platform that combines multiple online platforms into one. Consider it MG’s vision of a metaverse in which all of its customers, employees, and partners will be able to participate in an immersive digital experience. Although it is still in the development phase and is being built zone by zone, the platform will be accessible via mobile and web browsers. The platform’s first phase will be ready for use by this year’s Diwali.

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  • MGverse will have 5 distinct zones for customers, employees and partners
  • Platform will be open to everyone 
  • Will evolve continuously to integrate more features

The Metaverse of MG Motor will be Divided into Five Zones

The Explore and Creator’s Centre, NFT Gallery, MG Car Club, Gaming Arena, and MG Knowledge Centre are MGverse’s five distinct experience centers.

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The Explore and Creators section is essentially a metaverse extension of MG’s online car configurator, where customers can personalize, accessorize, and finally book their vehicles. A 3D virtual human assistant will even assist customers. Customers will also be able to take virtual test drives in cities and streets of their choice using the new platform.

In December of last year, MG became the first carmaker to launch a collection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which will now be integrated into the MGverse platform, allowing users to see, list, and transact NFTs. Users can also collaborate and earn by creating their own NFTs.

Through member-only events and concerts, the MG Car Club (MGCC) provides a platform for MG owners, both past and present, to connect and engage. Official MG merchandise and accessories will be available in a separate section of the Car Club. Meanwhile, the Gaming Arena will feature a variety of games, including racing games, in which users can race in sportier MGs on a track of their choice.

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Finally, the Knowledge Centre is dedicated to upskilling employees and partners through virtual training sessions, conferences, and meetings.

MGverse is Aimed at Gen Z and Alpha

MG has always prioritized technology in its operations and products, with the Hector being India’s first car with an embedded SIM and the Gloster and Astor SUVs being the first mass market models to feature Level 1 and 2 ADAS, respectively.

The company is focusing on a digital customer experience with the MGverse, which is aimed primarily at the Gen Z and Gen Alpha demographics. What’s more interesting is that the platform is open to everyone, not just MG owners. “No other innovation in human history has progressed as quickly as digital technologies.” “MGverse is our vision for building our Metaverse, in which we and our partners will constantly explore, innovate, improvise, and develop new solutions to consistently improve the customer experience in the future,” said Gaurav Gupta, MG Motor India’s CCO.

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While the company did not specify how much of its MGverse digital traffic it expects to convert to actual sales, Gupta stated that the company’s digital-first approach has been a key differentiator for the brand from the moment a customer expresses interest to the time they book a car.

“We will build upon our virtual customer experience content with MGverse to familiarize the future generation with innovative brand experiences,” he continued.

For the time being, the MGverse will be a constantly evolving platform, with more features and experiences on the way. MG also plans to create similar experiences for VR (Virtual Reality) headsets that can be used at home and in showrooms.

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