Medical Test for Term Insurance

Life is unpredictable and can put you and your loved ones in unexpected situations. Hence, having a term life insurance is essential. A term insurance plan offers financial security to your family in your absence in exchange for a premium. One of the easiest ways to know your estimated premium is by using an online term insurance premium calculator.

This premium depends on various factors, including your current medical condition. Hence, medical tests are required to secure term insurance.

Why are Medical Tests Needed?

Medical tests are essential for the policyholder as well as the insurance provider. The authority that analyses and evaluates the risk involved in offering you the term insurance does it based on your lifestyle, health, age, and medical history. Medical tests denote your current health condition and help derive the insurance premiums. 

  • Medical tests are mainly conducted to offer you a correct sum insured according to your health. If your medical results are satisfactory, you can be eligible for a higher sum assured. Moreover, better test results may help you get lower premiums. 
  • These tests help you customise your coverage. For example, if you are diagnosed with a certain ailment from the tests, you can add riders to your plan to enhance your coverage.
  • The chances of your claims getting rejected are lowered if you undergo the tests. For example, suppose you do not disclose a medical condition at the time of claim. In that case, the chances of rejection may be higher as compared to if you had undergone a medical test earlier while purchasing the policy.

Common Medical Tests Required for Term Insurance Policy

Sr. No.Name Of The TestDescription
1Body Mass Index (BMI)The BMI test is a benchmark for other tests in this list. The proportion of your height and weight signifies your physical health.
2Urine TestA series of tests are conducted with your urine sample, called urine analysis. Various disorders, or lack thereof, can be detected with the help of your urine sample.
3Blood TestBlood tests are very important to determine the condition of a human being. 
4Complete Blood CountThis test tells the blood cell count, which is essential to determine your health condition in a wider aspect. 
5Blood SugarA blood sugar test measures the glucose or sugar levels in your blood.
6Kidney Function TestYour urine and blood test helps in determining the health of your kidney, which is an important aspect in deciding your health and the risks of failure.
7Liver Function TestDetermining the functional status of the policyholder’s liver is important because it is a vital human organ. 
8Lipid ProfileThe lipid profile examines the cholesterol or similar diseases that your blood might be carrying. 
9HIV TestAll the policy providers might not ask for an HIV test. This test tells if a person is HIV positive or not
10EchocardiographyThis is your heart’s image, where the functioning of your heart and status are monitored. 
11Chest X-RayThe chest x-ray examines whether your heart, lungs, and rib bones work well. 
12Haemoglobin TestA Haemoglobin test is done to count your red blood cells


Different insurance providers may have different sets of medical tests, and the above list is not an exhaustive one. However, getting your medical checkups is a requisite for most term insurance plans. Remember, it benefits both the insurance company and you as a policyholder.

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