Maruti Jimny TVC Takes On Mahindra Thar’s Live Young, Live Free Effect?

Jimny TVC for India highlights the SUVs capabilities across gruelling environments such as snow, high-altitude terrain, mud roads, rivers, etc

Maruti Jimny TVC
Screenshot from Maruti Jimny TVC

Maruti Jimny has its task cut out, which is to take on the mighty Mahindra Thar. The latter is surely better looking and enjoys immense fan following among enthusiasts. In comparison, Jimny (3-door version) is a global bestseller.

With products like Thar that have a cult-like following, it will be tough for Jimny to convince its target audience to make the switch. Nonetheless, efforts are on in full swing, as is evident in the latest Jimny TVC released by Maruti Suzuki. It is apparent that 5-door Jimny is attempting to create vibes similar to that of Thar’s live young live free spirit.

Maruti Jimny TVC – Inspired By True Stories

Jimny TVC for India shares the stories of actual users of the SUV from around the globe. It showcases Jimny’s global credentials, which can help create positive perceptions among the target audience in India.

One of the stories is about a couple that conquered the five peaks in South Africa. Another story talks about enthusiasts who drove their Jimny to the Pit of Bones, Spain, a prominent archaeological site. Take a look at the official Jimny TVC for India below.

In all of these, Jimny is essentially highlighting its global reach and its connect with the young dreamers. In comparison, Thar probably cannot share similar stories, as it is yet to be launched in global markets. Due to copyright issues, Thar has been confined to its home market. FCA is apparently keeping a close watch on Thar’s global ambitions. Earlier in 2021, Thar’s launch in Australia was cancelled following court proceedings.

Talking about Jimny TVC for India, the target audience appears to include solo travellers, adventurers as well as small families. Jimny appears to be targeting a much larger user base. Thar has also transformed into a family-oriented vehicle, but its exterior profile does not resonate with the family theme. In comparison, Jimny 5-door has friendlier vibes and is being offered in a range of attractive colour options.

Jimny – Born in 1970

Suzuki Jimny has been in production since 1970. Its second-gen version was sold in India as Maruti Gypsy. Folks who had liked the Gypsy could probably be among the target audience for Jimny 5-door. Maruti Gypsy is still in use with specific police units and Indian armed forces.

In response to the challenge from Jimny, Mahindra recently launched an affordable 4X2 version of Thar. It is available at an offer price of Rs 9.99 lakh. Thar 4X2 diesel variants borrow the 1.5-litre diesel motor from XUV300. The 2.0-litre turbo petrol motor is the same as standard 4X4 Thar. While Thar is always a showstopper on the streets, Maruti Jimny could appeal to folks with relatively sober preferences. In terms of off-roading, Thar appears to have an edge over Jimny. Pricing is another key factor that will determine Jimny’s future in India.

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