Maruti Baleno and Tata Punch Construction Quality Comparison by Banging Doors

Once again, vloggers are testing the construction quality of well-known vehicles by merely banging their doors, which is a hilarious and unconventional method.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, a user tests the strength of the Maruti Baleno and Tata Punch by slamming their doors. This method of determining a vehicle’s safety credentials is amusing and strange. People on the internet are preoccupied with such humorous methods to evaluate how strong a car is, while the official GNCAP testing offers a ton of intensive and detailed activities where a car needs to perform well to receive a respectable safety rating.

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Baleno and Punch’s Build Quality are being Tested by Slamming Doors

Because viewers of a related video found it to be quite entertaining, the video clip has been posted as a YouTube Short. The YouTuber approaches the Baleno first, then opens and closes the premium hatchback’s boot. He judged it to be somewhat flimsy based solely on the sound of it. The front and back doors are subjected to a similar experiment. It appears that the thud sound of closing doors is sufficient to determine how stable and powerful the car is.

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He then moves toward a nearby Tata Punch parking lot. He repeats the experiment, opening and closing the sub-compact SUV’s doors, and declares that the Punch sounds much stronger and better than the Baleno. He continues by saying that the Punch has a 5-star safety rating, which the thud sounds also attest to. Although it might be quite entertaining, this should not be used to evaluate the strength and build quality of a car in any official capacity.

The GNCAP has tested the Punch, which received a full 5-star safety rating, but has not yet tested the Baleno. The components of this new Baleno have undergone a few changes, though, and as a result, the weight has gone up by about 70 kg. Once the organization decides to crash-test the high-end hatchback, Maruti is confident that it will result in a respectable GNCAP score. We anticipate that the number of Balenos sold each month will demonstrate its increased safety.

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