Manipur’s BIGGEST Shock After Viral Naked Parade Video – Freedom Fighter’s Wife, 80, Burnt Alive. Horrifying Details | India News

In a horrifying incident that has left the nation in shock, Manipur witnessed another heart-wrenching act of violence. Around two and a half months ago, a mob attacked 80-year-old Sorokhaibam Ibemubi, the wife of a revered freedom fighter, in Seroi village, located approximately 80 kilometers from Manipur’s capital, Imphal. The mob displayed a complete lack of compassion as they locked the elderly woman inside her home and set it ablaze, ultimately burning her alive.

A Life of Dedication to Freedom Struggle

Ibemubi’s husband, S. Churachand Singh, had been an active participant in India’s freedom struggle. His dedication and contributions to the cause were acknowledged by none other than former President APJ Abdul Kalam during his tenure. However, Churachand Singh had already passed away at the age of 80 before this tragic incident occurred.

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A Gruesome Attack

On the fateful day of 28th May, the village of Seroi fell prey to a violent mob that launched a brutal attack on its residents. Amidst this chaos, the mob singled out Ibemubi and subjected her to a horrifying fate. Despite her advanced age, the assailants showed no mercy and proceeded to set her house on fire while she was locked inside. The gruesome incident has shaken the entire community.

Hope Shattered: Seeking Refuge

During the height of the violence, Ibemubi’s family sought refuge at the residence of a local legislator, hoping they would be safe from harm. However, as the situation deteriorated, they were eventually moved to a shelter home in Imphal. After nearly two months, the family finally decided to return to their home in Seroi, only to find it in ruins. The charred remnants of their once-happy abode stood as a stark reminder of the tragedy that unfolded within its walls. Among the ruins, they discovered a poignant photograph of Ibemubi proudly standing beside her late husband, the freedom fighter Churachand Singh.

The Legacy of a Freedom Fighter

Churachand Singh, born on 28th May 1918 in Silhat, had been an ardent follower of Mahatma Gandhi and actively participated in the Quit India Movement. As a result of his dedication to the freedom struggle, he faced imprisonment from 1931 to 1932 in Silhat jail. Post-independence, he was bestowed the honor of becoming the first headman of Seroi village.

A Village of Harmony Marred by Violence

Seroi is known for its harmonious coexistence of various communities, including Meitei, Kuki, Bengali, and Nepali. The recent incident of communal violence has now cast a shadow of doubt on the village’s once-celebrated communal harmony.

Authorities on the Case

The authorities have responded to the tragedy by registering a case at the Seroi police station. However, no arrests have been made thus far in connection with the heinous attack.


The gruesome incident involving the immolation of Sorokhaibam Ibemubi has deeply shaken the collective conscience of the nation. It serves as a grim reminder of the need for communal harmony and the protection of the vulnerable in society. As the investigation continues, the hope remains that justice will be served, and those responsible for this senseless act of violence will be brought to book.

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