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Different countries and cultures have unique habits or customs that are characteristic of that region. And we Indians are no less in this regard. From ‘jugaad’, collecting hotel toiletries to banging the TV remote several times instead of changing the battery – there are lots of quirks that make us Indians stand out from the rest of the world. Another such habit is that of collecting all the extra stuff that we get on a flight. Why should we let it go to waste, right? Recently, a man shared a similar experience and uploaded a photo of an Air India spoon that his grandfather had collected during his frequent trips through the airline.

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The man took to Twitter to share a snap of the spoon. In the photo, we can see a steel spoon that had ‘Air India’ engraved on it. “My grandfather flew twice a week to Delhi as a barrister and I keep finding such relics at my parent’s house,” read the caption of the post. He further revealed, “These were manufactured by Nakazato, which happens to be a Japanese company. I asked my dad how did dadaji get this cutlery, and he said it’s probably picked up just like all those chocolates my granddad got from the flight.” Take a look:

Since being shared, the tweet has received several reactions from Indian users. People shared similar experiences of collecting Airline cutlery during their travels. One person wrote, “Borrowing cutlery was very normal at AI back in the day and generation. You had to get ‘full value’ for the ticket price.”

Another person shared a photo of six such Air India spoons and wrote, “How about these?”

“Desi man,” added another. A fourth person wrote, “Remember you could buy Air India cutlery – including cups, tray etc in shops near Air India colony. Looking pretty nice.”

Interestingly, Air India used to offer a variety of spoons to its flyers back in the day.

What do you think of this post? Did you collect airline cutlery too? Do let us know in the comments below.

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