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Flight Cabin Crew often get into an argument with the passengers. At times, these arguments get out of hand, and the need for strict action arises. One such incident occurred on an American Airlines flight during the routing boarding process when a passenger and a flight attendant got into an argument. The heated dispute started between the two over storage space and later got out of hand. The whole incident was caught on camera and was shared on Reddit. Since then, the video has been doing rounds on the internet and has gone viral.

The irate traveler was wearing a bright yellow T-shirt and was concerned that there wasn’t enough room in the overhead bins because of the luggage of another traveler. He grumbled, ” This guy put his luggage up here, now we don’t have any space,” and “Now there’s no space. He’s got no space.”

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A cabin crew member interrupted the argument trying to defuse the situation. However, the crew failed to control the situation, instead things got worse. The angry passenger got even more annoyed with the crew member’s hand gesture, to which he replied, “Don’t point at me, don’t point your finger at me.” He also threatened to call the police.

The crew member refuted the passenger’s accusations of pointing and expressed surprise at his threat to call the police. Later in the footage, the man is seen being led out of the aircraft by another employee while holding a number of luggage from the overhead compartments.

The passenger reportedly had four large bags in the overhead bins for his luggage, according to the Reddit user who posted the footage. The passenger who had initially put his bags in the overhead bin was the target of the man’s alleged racially offensive remarks, although these statements were not captured on camera.

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