Malayalam actor ND Prasad who committed suicide on June 25 was found hanging from a tree

The main antagonist in Nivin Pauly’s Action Hero Biju, Malayalam actor ND Prasad, committed suicide on June 25.

The popular Malayalam actor ND Prasad, 43, was discovered on June 25 hanging from a tree outside of his home in Kalamassery, close to Kochi. The two kids and wife of ND Prasad are still alive. His offspring discovered their deceased father. The neighbors were alerted to Prasad’s suicide, and they immediately called the police.

Actor ND PRASAD from Malaysia commits suicide

ND Prasad had appeared in a number of Malayalam movies, but it was his role as Action Hero Biju that made him famous. ND Prasad killed himself on June 25 by hanging himself from a tree near his house. The neighbors were notified after his children found the body, and they in turn notified the police.

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According to a report in the New Indian Express, Prasad’s suicide may have been prompted by family problems. He had been dealing with some domestic and mental problems. Additionally, his wife hasn’t seen him in a few months. According to a police officer, he appeared to have been depressed in the days leading up to his death.

Prasad had previously been charged with drug use. Prasad was detained by the excise department in 2021 for possessing synthetic drugs (2.5 gms of hashish oil and 15 gms of Ganja). He was also found to be in possession of deadly weapons.

On June 26, following an autopsy, doctors delivered ND Prasad’s mortal remains to his family.


In movies like Iba and Karmani, ND Prasad had important parts. In the movie Action Hero Biju, Nivin Pauly played the lead role and he played the antagonist.

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