If you also want to start up your new business and have a strong pitch deck in your mind but don’t know how to present it in front of the investors, then you are at a very good place. Here you can go through with some quick and crispy tricks that you have to keep in mind while delivering your plan in front of the people you expect to finance in return. 

KISS principle– When you start presenting your startup pitch deck in front of the investors, try to describe it shortly. KISS stands for keeping it short and simple. Similarly, don’t portray an imaginative scenario that does not go with reality. The more it will look actionable, the more it will gain attention.  

Do not try to hike their expectations by making false assumptions with your startup pitch – 

Honesty is supreme if you want to start a business and loyal and genuine investors. But, like Newton’s third motion, whatever you throw comes back to you, ‘ every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction.

Segment your target audience according– There are many ways to differentiate the audience on which your expectations depend. For example, it can be based on demographic presentation, age, gender, and behavioral preferences.

AIDA model helps you to set the height for your pitch deck startup for India

AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. To increase your brand retention power, you have that much potential to gain the interest of your target groups or those people who are directly and indirectly associated with your business or brand. If your pitch deck or brand succeeds in gaining attention, it directly promotes interest and sets a desire to buy that particular item/product, leading to action.  


Realistic goals help you have a clear picture of your business, what challenges might affect your future growth and what type of approach should be taken to aid the loss. What type of growth you can achieve in the upcoming days. What factors will benefit you and affect your business?  

KEEP RECALLING YOUR BRAND – People have become more conscious about their requirements for the past few years, and they frequently opt for new brands and products if they don’t find any product fulfilling their needs. In this scenario, you have to recall your brand’s presence in the market with the same authenticity to serve them better as always. Otherwise, people start forgetting you. 

MOVE ONE STEP FORWARD FROM YOUR RIVALS- For preparing a pitch deck for investors, it is good to work on your existing place; it increases the chance of gaining the desired outcome your company wants from them. To gain a stable place in the market, you have to think one step ahead of your rivals. It will help you gain loyal customers and hike your company’s demand. The more creative and updated your look, the more people approach you for further investment. Attract the customers and investors in just one go. 

MAKE A DETAILED NOTE OF YOUR PRODUCTS WHICH YOU ARE GOING TO OFFER– It is always a good idea to make a list of those products and their quantities which are going place under your brand. It will give you a clear picture and help you build an expenditure chart for your brand. 

Presentation plays a significant role when it comes to convincing investors. Generously ask them whether they want to know more or have some questions regarding your startup plan. Or should you elaborate further? Hospitality is key. Please provide them with a good and comfortable place to deliver their point. Avoid rigidity and listen to their point as well. Communication is the key, which might open the door to your new business startup. Go ahead.

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