Mahindra’s affordable electric car coming soon: Know price and features

Mahindra’s low-cost electric vehicle, the Mahindra KUV100 Electric, will be launched in India this year, with a price tag of less than Rs 10 lakh. The Mahindra eKUV100 has a battery range of more than 200 kilometres. Mahindra is expected to reveal three new electric SUVs in July of this year. Check out all of the details ahead of the launch of the Mahindra KUV100 Electric.

Launch of Mahindra eKUV100 in India

In India, the demand for electric vehicles is growing, and new electric vehicles are being introduced as a result. Mahindra is bringing more than one electric car this year to compete with Tata Motors, MG Motor, and Hyundai Motors in the electric car segment, including a low-cost Mahindra KUV100 Electric. Its concept model was unveiled at the 2020 Auto Show, and it will now be released in India during the festival season this year. Mahindra will also unveil its three new electric SUVs to the world in July of this year. For the time being, we’ll tell you about Mahindra’s eKUV100, a low-cost electric vehicle.

Mahindra eKUV100 Image
Mahindra eKUV100 Image

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to compete with these low-cost electric vehicles

The Mahindra eKUV100 will face off against the Tata Tigor Electric and other upcoming electric vehicles from Maruti and other manufacturers. A 15.9kWh battery pack will power this entry-level electric car, which will be capable of producing up to 54 bhp (40kW) of power and 120 Nm of torque. The Mahindra KUV100 Electric will have a similar appearance to its prototype version, and the company will be able to offer high standards and safety features, which are critical at this time.

Mahindra Car
Mahindra Car

Battery range and potential cost

The battery range of the Mahindra eKUV100 is unknown, but if media reports are to be believed, it can easily travel 200 kilometres on a single charge. In terms of charging, it can be fully charged in 6 hours using a regular AC charger at home, and it can be fully charged in less than an hour using a fast charging point. The Mahindra KUV100 Electric is expected to be priced between Rs 9 lakh and Rs 11 lakh when it is released in India.

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