Mahima Chaudhry’s daughter missed school while recovering from cancer. She wouldn’t risk Covid

Mahima Chaudhry is presently filming The Signature, her comeback film. An Instagram video posted by actor Anupam Kher recently informed her followers and friends about her cancer diagnosis and recovery. Mahima has recently disclosed that her daughter Ariana was her greatest source of comfort during her treatment in Mumbai.

Mahima rose to prominence with her 1997 debut film, Pardes, and went on to appear in numerous more, including Daag, Dhadkan, Dil Hai Tumhaara, Dil Kya Kare, and Lajja. In 2013, she divorced spouse Bobby Mukherji and presently resides with daughter Ariana.

Mahima chaudhry
Mahima chaudhry

Mahima told ETimes that Ariana played a significant part in her rehabilitation. “She told me absolutely that she would stay at home because she did not want to risk the COVID virus by coming home while I was in the recovery phase. Therefore, she did not attend school when it resumed following the COVID period. They allowed her to attend lessons online.

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The Signature is about a common man, and Anupam is one of the lead actors. The film is currently being shot in Lucknow and is directed by Gajendra Ahire.

Anupam uploaded a video on Thursday to inform Mahima’s fans of her cancer diagnosis. Alongside it, he added, “You are my HERO!” Friends! Send her your affection, kindness, wishes, prayers, and blessings. She has RETURNED to the settings where she belongs. She is flight-ready. All of you producers and directors! Here is your chance to utilize her brilliance! “Cheers to her!”

Mahima disclosed in the video that Anupam approached her while she was hospitalized for treatment. She stated that she had been receiving job offers but was unable to accept because she was bald. She became tearful as she revealed that she accepted Anupam’s offer for The Signature and requested permission to wear a wig on set.

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