Madhya Pradesh Doctor Yogendra Shrivastava Withdraws Resignation After Minister Assures Action


Madhya Pradesh Doctor Withdraws Resignation After Minister Assures Action

Dr Yogendra Shrivastava has withdrawn his resignation.


The senior doctor in a government hospital in Madhya Pradesh, who had resigned after Congress MLA PC Sharma allegedly misbehaved with him following the death of a patient, withdrew his decision on Sunday, a minister said.

Madhya Pradesh Health Minister Prabhuram Choudhary said Dr Yogendra Shrivastava has agreed to take back his resignation on the assurance that action will be taken into the “unfortunate” incident.

Dr Shrivastava had resigned after some politicians misbehaved with him, following the death of a patient who was critically ill, Government JP hospital civil surgeon Dr Rakesh Shrivastava had said on Saturday.

A video of the incident, which went viral on social media, showed former minister PC Sharma and former Congress corporator Yogendra Chouhan purportedly shouting at Dr Yogendra Shrivastava.

“I talked with Dr Yogendra Shrivastava and told him that the state desperately needs doctors during this difficult time of coronavirus outbreak. I requested him to withdraw his resignation and assured him of action in the unfortunate incident. He agreed to withdraw his resignation,” Mr Choudhary said in a statement.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had said that he was saddened by the resignation of a senior doctor.

Mr Sharma had said that one of his supporters had spoken loudly to the doctor following which he apologised personally.

“A patient of my constituency died this afternoon. In such circumstances won”t a sensitive person get angry? A poor patient is being asked to go to a private hospital, nobody is talking about this,” Mr Sharma had claimed.


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