Madhuri Dixit shows off her new house, which she rents for Rs 12.5 lakh per month

Madhuri Dixit and her husband, Shriram Nene, rented a lavish home in Mumbai’s Worli neighbourhood. Check out the inside shots of their opulent home!

Madhuri Dixit, the evergreen actress, is riding high on success following her outstanding performance in the drama series The Fame Game. Madhuri Dixit was the biggest name in Indian cinema in the 1990s. She was at the pinnacle of her acting career, with so many mega-blockbusters under her belt, when she decided to leave it to marry the love of her life, Dr Shriram Nene. Arin and Ryan Nene, the couple’s two adorable children, are the proud parents of the couple.

Madhuri Dixit and her husband, Dr Shriram Nene, have leased a luxurious home for Rs. 12.5 lakhs per month. Their new residence is located on the 29th floor of a high-rise building in Worli, with a carpet area of over 5500 square feet. They completed the renovation in 45 days and are now ready to move in. Madhuri and Sriram’s opulent home reflects and reflects their elegance, versatility, and glamour, as well as their personalities.

Madhuri Dixit shared a collage of videos of her new home on her Instagram stories on March 25, 2022. She and her husband, Shriram Nene, can be seen in the videos entering their new home and giving their fans a virtual tour. Apoorva Shroff, their interior designer, accompanied them on the tour. Madhuri can be heard saying at the start of the video:

Madhuri Dixit and her husband
Madhuri Dixit and her husband

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“So, Apoorva, it’s all done now, and thank you so much. You were fantastic, and it’s difficult to accomplish something in such a short period of time, so I think you did a fantastic job. And to my audience, thank you so much for coming along for the ride.”

We get some beautiful glimpses of Madhuri’s home in the clips, which includes a large open living room with dark-colored couches and pastel walls. There are also some eye-catching furniture pieces and a telescope in the area. In one of the videos, Shriram can also be seen playing the piano. In addition, the dining room features a large marble-topped table and a lovely sculpture next to a window. The best thing about their house is that it gets a lot of natural light, which makes it look very lively. Other rooms were also shown in the video, including a music room with a number of guitars and other musical instruments.

Apoorva Shroff shared her experience working with Madhuri Dixit and Dr Shriram Nene in a conversation with Pinkvilla, the apartment’s interior designer. She had even explained the decor and revealed how she had persuaded them to use vibrant colours rather than neutral tones. She’d stated:

“I was taken aback by how down-to-earth they were and how practical their requests were.” The only restriction was the time frame. Another challenge was persuading the clients to leave their comfortable palette of nudes and experiment with colours, despite the fact that time was a major constraint.”

When asked how she planned the entire design and what she kept in mind while preparing for it, the young designer offered a quick brief, revealing that the star couple had requested a sober, simple, and quick makeover of their apartment. She’d stated:

“The brief was to give the star couple’s new home a quick makeover. The apartment, which was on the 29th floor of a Worli high rise, had a spectacular view of the city sparkling below at night and plenty of natural light during the day.”

Madhuri Dixit and Dr Shriram Nene’s new home has us enthralled. So, how about you? Please let us know.

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