Made 38 crores from 200 rupees, so much wealth came in one stroke, can buy car, bungalow, everything

People spend their entire lives to become rich, but only a few people’s wishes are fulfilled. The same thing happened with a person living in Britain. In one stroke he made Rs 38 crore from just Rs 200. He acquired so much wealth that he could buy everything from a car to a bungalow. But there is a twist. His identity has not been revealed yet.

According to the report of Mirror, this person has got mega jackpot. He has won 3.8 million pounds i.e. approximately Rs 38 crore, which is going to change his fortunes. This is Britain’s second biggest jackpot. Earlier, a person had won a lottery worth 5.2 million pounds. Lottery officials have asked ticket collectors to immediately check the numbers so that the person who bought the ticket with this lucky number can be identified. He is being repeatedly asked to contact, but till now no one has claimed this jackpot.

All six main numbers must match
National Lottery adviser Andy Carter said participants who want to win a prize will have to match all six main numbers. The winner will now have so much money that he will be able to live his whole life comfortably. He will not need to work. Lotto players are urged to check their tickets and call us to claim the jackpot prize. The numbers given are 01, 08, 14, 20, 24, 40 and Bonus Ball 52. Whoever has these numbers will be entitled to this jackpot.

Ticket price only 2 pounds
Let us tell you that the price of ticket to play Lotto lottery is only 2 pounds i.e. approximately Rs 200. Its draw is held every Saturday and Wednesday. To play the game, six numbers have to be chosen from 1 to 59. Then a lucky winner is chosen. It often happens that no one is able to match all six numbers and the jackpot is not reached. Lakhs of people buy this ticket.

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