Luv Sinha says, “Arrest the producers, dealers, and not simply the users” after Siddhanth Kapoor’s arrest

Siddhanth Kapoor, the son of Shakti Kapoor, was arrested during a police raid at a Bengaluru hotel rave on Sunday night. Police in Bengaluru verified that he is one of the six individuals suspected of drug consumption. He was taken to the Ulsoor Police Station for further investigation.

In response to this incident, Shatrughan Sinha’s son Luv Sinha tweeted, “I won’t comment on #SiddhanthKapoor, but I would like to know how drug usage is so prevalent among the rich, the disadvantaged, and the youth if our respected officials are as efficient as they would have us believe?”

He then demanded that those responsible for supplying the youth with illegal narcotics be arrested. Luv tweeted, “Selectively promoting the arrest of an individual appears to be an attempt to demonstrate that they are doing their job, as opposed to actually performing their duties.

Luv Sinha says, Arrest the producers, dealers, and not simply the users after Siddhanth Kapoor's arrest
Luv Sinha says, Arrest the producers, dealers, and not simply the users after Siddhanth Kapoor’s arrest

I oppose drug use, but until the corruption in the criminal system is eradicated, nothing will better. Arrest the makers and sellers, not only the users, who may become dependent on a substance that has a harmful influence on their life and subsequently affects many others. I hope that my friend Siddhant will emerge from this situation wiser and stronger.”

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The Bengaluru police raided a hotel on MG Road where the alleged party was held on Sunday after receiving a tip. The police are still attempting to determine if Siddhanth Kapoor used narcotics at the hotel or if he arrived at the party after using drugs elsewhere.

When contacted by ETimes, Siddhant’s father Shakti Kapoor replied, “There’s only one thing I can say: it’s impossible.” On Sunday, Siddhanth departed for Bengaluru, apparently for a DJ event there, and a video of his arrival has leaked online.

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