LG Tamilisai Soundararajan of Puducherry has ordered that all residents be vaccinated against the Coronavirus

The Lieutenant Governor (LG) of Puducherry, Tamilisai Soundararajan, has ordered that mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations begin on Sunday.

In response to an increase in Omicron cases in India, Lieutenant Governor (LG) of Puducherry Tamilisai Soundararajan has ordered mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 to begin on Sunday, and has asked residents to bring their certificates of vaccination for inspection by health officials. According to a press release, the vaccine has been given to 13,06,706 people in the Union Territory so far.

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“The government is keen to ensure that Puducherry emerges as a fully vaccinated Union Territory,” the LG told the media. No stone was left unturned in the pursuit of the goal, and vaccinations were designed to protect people from a pandemic as well as the emergence of a new virus variant known as Omicron.”

COVID-19 was held in Puducherry

A senior official from the Department of Health said on Sunday that the union territory of Puducherry reported 15 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases to 1,29,217. There were no new fatalities reported in any of the union territory’s four regions, bringing the total death toll to 1,877. Director of the Health Department G Sriramulu said in a statement that 15 cases were identified after the examination of 2,049 samples, with seven cases in Karaikal and four each in Puducherry and Mahe. In the last 24 hours, no new infections have been reported in Yanam, a Puducherry enclave in Andhra Pradesh. The total number of active cases was 208, with 47 patients receiving treatment in hospitals and the remaining 161 being isolated at home.


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The growing threat of Omicron in India

With new cases in Karnataka, Maharashtra, and across India, the total number of COVID-19 variant Omicron cases in India has risen to 36. Patients with moderate COVID-19 symptoms will be discharged 10 days after the onset of symptoms if they meet the criteria, according to the new guidelines. These requirements include being symptom-free for three days in a row, having oxygen levels above 95%, and having two negative RT-PCR test results. Apart from that, after discharge, patients should be quarantined at home, which will be lifted if the RT-PCR test performed on the sixth day is negative. Meanwhile, after the patient’s complete clinical recovery, the discharge policy will include two negative RT-PCR reports 24 hours apart.

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