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*New Delhi*: Achieving success in life is possible when one pursues their goals with unwavering dedication. In a world where many aspire to secure high-paying jobs, Rohit Mangalik made a bold choice by resigning from a lucrative corporate position to chart his own path as an entrepreneur. At the time of his departure, he was earning an impressive annual salary of 4.2 million rupees. However, Rohit decided to take a leap of faith and embark on his entrepreneurial journey. Quitting his job was far from an easy decision, and he encountered numerous challenges in the initial phases of his startup endeavor. Despite facing failure on multiple occasions, he remained resilient. Today, Rohit’s company stands proudly among the ranks of top global enterprises.

**The Early Years**

Rohit Mangalik graduated with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree in 2012 and gained valuable experience working for several prominent IT firms. However, in 2017, he made the momentous decision to bid adieu to his corporate career and return to his roots in Farrukhabad. Rohit shared during an interview that he felt confined by the corporate environment. It was during this period that he had a chance encounter with former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam at an event. Dr. Kalam’s counsel was simple yet profound: focus not on personal gain but on contributing to the betterment of the nation. This conversation ignited Rohit’s aspiration to launch his entrepreneurial venture.

**Venturing into Career Counseling**

After parting ways with his corporate job, Rohit Mangalik embarked on his journey by establishing a career counseling service with a team of seven employees. He encountered various obstacles, particularly in the smaller town, and initially faced setbacks. Subsequently, he set up an office in Patrakarpuram, Lucknow, and persisted in his efforts. However, challenges continued to mount.

**The Birth of a Startup in 2020**

In 2020, Rohit Mangalik laid the foundation for his startup, “EduGorilla.” Within three years, this startup has earned its place among the top 10 companies in the global education sector. Presently, EduGorilla boasts a workforce of over 300 individuals and an annual turnover of approximately 100 million rupees. The company’s remarkable success also attracted investments from international sources.

**Learning from Setbacks**

Having encountered failure twice, Rohit gleaned invaluable lessons from these experiences. He recognized the difficulties students faced after completing their intermediate exams, with a lack of guidance. To address this need, he introduced the EduGorilla app in 2020, designed to provide accurate information to students preparing for competitive exams. In order to ensure widespread access to the app, Rohit collaborated with various coaching institutes, educating them about its benefits. Thanks to the diligent efforts of his team, the company now boasts partnerships with over 3,000 institutes nationwide, with more than 70,000 students currently enrolled in the company’s courses.

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