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Woman Role Model In Kashmir Valley: Aaliya Mir, a dedicated wildlife rescuer who spends the majority of her time in the Kashmir Valley saving creatures like wild boars, Asiatic black bears, Himalayan brown bears, leopards, and Levantine vipers. She does it all while dressed in a salwar suit and a headscarf, from scaling ladders to freeing snakes trapped inside homes to saving dangerous wild boars that have gotten loose in areas where people live. On average, she receives at least three to four rescue calls per day. Her job entails leading her team with caution in order to protect both humans and animals. Animals that stray from the forests may pose a threat to people or may be attacked by people acting in self-defense. Mir emphasizes the necessity of animal rescue activities and says that the animals must be saved and relocated to places that are safe for them, away from human habitation.

Aaliya Mir Passion For Wildlife

Aaliya Mir has always had a passion for wildlife. She remembers her father giving food to the dogs and birds that lived around their home, something she also did. She used to play with and care for stray animals that roamed close to her house when she was a young girl. She married Dr. Shabir Ahmed, a veterinarian, in 2002, when she was studying for her master’s in mathematics in Delhi. From that point forward, her early affinity for animals developed into a full-fledged passion. Mir learned about Wildlife SOS through her husband’s connections, and she later signed up to help in Delhi. She also began her career as a math instructor. However, she was unaware that life had other plans for her.

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Aaliya Mir – The Protector

Aaliya Mir is a member of the staff at Wildlife SOS, a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 in Delhi with the mission of rescuing and rehabilitating injured wild animals. Since 2002, she has served as the Kashmir Valley’s project director and education officer. She has so far participated in more than 400 missions to rescue animals from populated areas, including leopards, snakes, white and black bears, wild boars, and porcupines. Depending on the circumstances, the rescue procedure varies. Usually, the animal that has been rescued is sedated. Sometimes trap cages are set up, baited to catch the animal, and camera traps are used to capture the animal’s actions.

Aaliya Mir – Awards And Recognition

For the Wildlife SOS team, the day was especially special this year. The Department of Forest, Ecology, and Environment of the Jammu and Kashmir government honored Aaliya Mir, Education Officer and Programme Head, Jammu and Kashmir Wildlife SOS, with an award in appreciation of her excellent contributions across several facets of wildlife conservation. She was the first woman from Jammu and Kashmir to be recognized for her work in the area’s wildlife conservation. At a ceremony held to honor her, the honorary award was given to her by Manoj Sinha, the Lt. Governor of Jammu and Kashmir.

As Mir works to end the strife between people and wildlife in her native Kashmir, Mir has served as a symbol of hope and bravery for the local populace and animals for more than ten years. Following rescue, the animals are transported to Dachigam and Pahalgam rehabilitation facilities, which were constructed in accordance with the Central Zoo Authority’s specifications. Along with conducting rescue missions, Mir has been working nonstop to raise awareness about animal behavior and instruct people on how to defend themselves against wild animals.

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