La Pulga is Lionel Messi’s Nickname, PSG’s Flea’s Nickname meaning

The Argentine may be referred to as “The GOAT” by some, yet “The Flea” by others.

Most famous football players have nicknames; for example, in Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo is referred to as “El Bicho,” whereas Ronaldo de Assis Moreira is most frequently called “Ronaldinho.”

The well-known player Lionel Messi, who is recognised as one of the best to ever play the game, also has a unique nickname: “La Pulga.”

So what does the moniker denote and why is it given to him? GOAL looks into it.

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What does the nickname “La Pulga” for Lionel Messi mean?

La Pulga, which translates to “the flea” in Spanish, is one of Messi’s most well-known monikers.

Since he was a little child, he has gone by this moniker. It is thought that two of his older brothers gave him the nickname “La Pulgita” (small flea), which became “La Pulga.”

The nickname was given to the native of Rosario since he wasn’t one of the tallest kids on the field. Messi actually had growth hormone imbalance, or GHD, for which Barcelona helped pay for therapy.

As he always had the explosive ability to take on defenders, some in the Spanish media also referred to him as “La Pulga Atomica” (the atomic flea).

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Messi can physically equal his opponents in tackles thanks to his enormous upper-body strength, and his quick feet allow him to excel at dribbling. In addition, his height gives him a low centre of gravity, which makes it easier for him to maintain balance while dribbling or sprinting with the ball.

Lionel Messi

What additional moniker(s) does Messi go by?

Apart from “La Pulga,” Messi is known by a number of other nicknames. Informally, football players, teammates, and analysts alike refer to him as Leo, which is an abbreviated version of his entire first name.

Additionally, it has been suggested that Lionel Richie, a musician who is known for songs like “Hello” and “Truly,” may have inspired Messi’s name. Because he has saved numerous Barcelona and Argentina teams in their hour of need, his supporters also refer to him as the “Messiah.”

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