Kountry Wayne Net Worth

Kountry Wayne, whose real name is Wayne Colley, is a famous American standup comedian as well as a social media personality. Kountry Wayne has been widely known for his funny sketch videos on his social media accounts. Kountry Wayne is well known for his stage name King Kountry Wayne. The MoneyProMax estimates suggest that the earnings of Kountry Wayne are high. That said, the Kountry Wayne Net Worth is around $5 million. Kountry Wayne has a very strong fan following across the world. With over 3 million fan followers on his Instagram alongside the 7 million on Facebook, Kountry Wayne received success in his career as a standup comedian. 

Kountry Wayne real nameWayne Colley
Wayne Net Worth$5 million
Date Of Birth9 December 1987
Birth PlaceWaynesboro, Georgia, United States
Kountry Wayne age33
Height5.7 feet ( 170 cm )
Weight70 Kg ( 154 Lbs)
Occupation American standup comedian, YouTuber, social media personality

Kountry Wayne earnings and salary 

As per the report of MoneyProMax, Kountry Wane is one of the top comedian actors in the social media industry who has become famous for several shows. Kountry Wayne’s monthly income has also been more than $10,000. The primary source of his income is from the profession of the standup comedian. In addition to that, he also has earned enough income from social media. In addition to the income from the profession as the stand-up comedian, Kountry Wayne has also been making massive earnings from brand endorsements, Tv commercials, and paid promotions. Kountry Wayne owns merchandise ‘shopkountrywayne, where he sells T-shirts and hoodies. Moreover, Kountry Wayne, the famous American standup comedian, earns a massive amount of money through his merchandise. 

Kountry Wayne monthly earnings go around $30K, and yearly earnings are around $360K. Also, Kountry Wane earned a hefty sum from the standup career and merchandise line. The earnings are mainly for the hoodies and T-shirts. The phrase “Let That Sizzle in Your Spirit” used for merchandising his products along with his signature earns him the huge Kountry Wayne income.

Kountry Wayne Early Life:

Wayne Colley, who is popularly known as Kountry Wayne, was born on December 9, 1987, in Waynesboro, Georgia, United States. Now, the YouTuber is 33 years old. African American accent makes him so distinct from the rest. As a child, he grew up with his four brothers- Prince Tay, Crenshaw Coley, QB, and D’Arby. Wayne completed his high school education at Jenkins Country High School, Georgia, but he didn’t pursue his college education.

Personal Life:

Talking about Kountry Wayne’s girlfriends, it can be clearly stated that he has been in a relationship with many ladies. Ten kids from different baby mamas are what has made him a controversial celebrity. Apart from other girlfriends, Kountry’s wife Gene became popular on social media.

2017 updates mention that Kountry Wayne got married to Gena Colley, and they have two kids together- Honest Dream Colley and Melissa. However, there came up an issue in the form that due to stand-up comedian Jess Hilarious, the relationship ended, and they decided to get divorced. Kountry became a father at 17 and now has ten children with more than five baby mamas.

Kountry Wayne, an entertainment personality, became a viral sensation through a YouTube video in 2014. Following the publicity of Wayne’s extramarital affair, the Kountry Wayne fans criticized and warned him against divorcing Gena. But, the internet personality responded to make decisions of his life regarding personal choices as he highly prioritized the well-being of his children. Also, the couple separated in 2018 and announced their divorce finalization in 2019. Jess and Wayne started dating in 2019 and broke up when Wayne spent Valentine’s Day with his baby mama and children. According to the 2021 estimates, Kountry has three sons and seven daughters. Five of his ten children are Christiana, Melissa, Temar, Tony, and Honest Colley.


Kountry Wayne, the famous standup comedian, always wanted to become a singer. Also, he had been quite interested in the music industry. He failed in music and started his career as a standup comedian. Kountry became popular for comedy videos that were shared on Facebook back in 2014, and the video went viral. 

He eventually made up his mind to pursue a full-time career in the comedy field. Later Kountry Wayne performed several events and earned fame. Kountry Wayne, an actor, appeared in movies including Holliday Heartbreak, The Turnaround, and Brazilian Wavy. Kountry became famous for some Tv series like “Wild ‘N Out” and “DJ Smallz Eyes. Also, the fame he earned increased for the short comedy sketch videos. What took his fame to the next level is the video “When your baby momma car breaks down on the side of the road!” Kountry Wayne YouTube channel has 360K subscribers to make him such an amazing personality.

Kountry Wayne gained his popularity through being an American Standup comedian and internet star. Kountry Wayne became known to people with the creation of the short sketch videos for his Instagram account, Kountry Wayne. With the help of his skills, he became a viral sensation in the entertainment industry. Also, his fans call him King Kountry Wayne.

Kountry Wayne has become immensely popular as a stand-up comedian and a social media sensation from the United States. On social media channels, including Instagram, Kountry Wayne is well-known for his amusing sketch videos. Wayne Colley today has been widely recognized for the huge fan base all around the world. The YouTuber has been gaining huge fame for his successful career as a standup comedian.

The success with the merchandise store

Kountry Wayne owns merchandise ‘shopkountrywayne’, which serves as an online store that sells merch T-shirts and hoodies. The average cost of his merch is around $25, making the merch sales one of the popular streams of income. The primary source of income is standup career and social media. Also, he charges a lot for social media posts through various brands. Some sources include brand endorsements, Tv commercials, paid promotions.

Kountry Wayne Car:

Kountry Wayne is fond of old cars and is the owner of the ‘1987 Buick Grand National, which costs $30,000.

Final words

The immense fame of the standup comedian Kountry Wayne has been increasing curiosity among fans to learn more about him. Stay tuned for further updates. 

Title – Kountry Wayne Net Worth – Wife, Car, Income, Earnings

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