Kolkata: A female drug smuggler has been caught and 250 grams of heroin recovered

A woman was arrested in Kolkata with 250 grammes of heroin in her possession. On the basis of information provided by the informer, the police took this action. The woman is being questioned by police in this case, according to police. There could be a slew of other names associated with the pharmaceutical industry.

A woman was arrested by Kolkata Police with heroin in her possession in the city’s Golf Green area. The woman is accused of smuggling drugs. He was arrested and had 250 grammes of heroin seized from him. This information was provided by a senior official on Tuesday.

The woman, who has been identified as drug queen Sahida Bibi, was arrested late Monday night, according to the agency. Sahida Bibi, the woman, was in the southern part of the city’s Anwar Shah neighbourhood at the time, riding in an autorickshaw delivering drugs to the youth.

drug smuggler has been caught
drug smuggler has been caught

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The police had received this information from the informants.

The police decided on a strategy and began action as soon as they received information about the case from the informer. The accused woman was apprehended by the police after they raided the mentioned location. The police had received information that some unidentified youths were congregating in and around the area, and that some of the youths were stealing packets from people riding in autorickshaws.

Officials from the police department stated that they are looking into the situation. This is merely a hyperlink. There are a lot of other people who are involved in this situation. We’re speaking with the woman and trying to track down other suspects involved in the scheme.

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