Kim’s sister says that North Korea’s nuclear weapons could “eliminate” the South world

N. Korea will use its nuclear weapons to “eliminate” the army of South Korea, Kim Jong Un’s powerful sister said Tuesday.

State media reported Kim Yo Jong’s warning. It was her second angry retort in three days after South Korea’s defence chief Suh Wook said something that made her angry last week.

They come at a time when North Korea has been breaking international sanctions with a record number of weapons tests this year. It fired its first intercontinental ballistic missile at full range since 2017 last month.
He said that South Korea’s military could hit “any target in North Korea” quickly and accurately when there were clear signs of a missile launch from the North, as he said on Friday.

When Suh talked about a pre-emptive strike against a nuclear power, Kim Yo Jong said it was a “absolute mistake” for him to talk about it.

People in Pyongyang say that if South Korea fights with them, their nuclear forces will have to do their job.

if there were a war, she said that her country’s nuclear weapons would be used for “eliminating the enemy’s armed forces at a single strike.”

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As a result of this “horrible attack,” South Korean forces will face a “horrible fate” that is “little short of total destruction and ruin,” she told the crowd.

We don’t see them as a match for our military, she said.

On Sunday, she called Suh’s “reckless” comments “dangerous,” and she told the South to “discipline itself” if it wanted to avoid disaster. Her new comments follow that.

Kim's sister
Kim’s sister

North Korea had already stopped its long-range and nuclear tests when Kim Jong Un and then-US president Donald Trump started a high-profile round of talks in 2018. The talks fell apart in 2019. Talks have since broken down.

Kim Il Sung, the grandfather of current North Korean leader Kim, was born 110 years ago this month.

Most of the time, Pyongyang likes to celebrate important events in its own country with military parades, big weapons tests, or satellite launches.

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