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Kim Woojin is a well-known South Korean singer and former member of the famed boy band Stray Kids from JYP Entertainment. Kim is also known by the moniker “Woojin.”

Kim Woo-jin started a new Instagram account in January 2020 after leaving JYP Entertainment in October 2019 and announcing the “Kim Woo-jin relaunch.” In May 2020, he hosted a fan meeting and in August, he teamed up with the newly founded 10x Entertainment.

Here’s everything you need to know about Woojin, a well-known South Korean singer. Continue reading to learn more.

Kim Woojin: Here is all about him

Kim made his solo debut on July 8, 2021, with his pre-debut digital song “Still Dream,” after parting ties with Stray Kids and joining with 10x Entertainment.

In August 2021, he released his debut mini-album “The Moment: A Minor,” which had the lead single “Ready Now.”

Kim Woojin
Kim Woojin

Kim Woojin’s Early LIfe

Kim Woo Jin was born in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, in 1997. He received his diploma from Seoul’s School of Performing Arts. He began his career with SM entertainment as a trainee, alongside other trainees.

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Kim Woojin’s career

When Woojin’s band, Stray Kids, released their big hit in 2017, he was only 20 years old.

The Stray Kids were known for their thoughtful, self-produced music. The Stray Kids are noted for their unique blend of pop, hip hop, and electronica. A talent show brought all of the band members together.

Woojin worked as a composer and songwriter on a number of tunes before his contract was terminated in 2019.

Woojin departed the group for personal reasons and did not give a reason for his departure, leaving his supporters in the dark regarding his future.

What was Kim Woojin’s Controversy?

Woojin’s life took an unexpected turn just as he was about to embark on a solo career in 2020.

An anonymous Twitter account has written a series of tweets in a thread that has gone popular on social media in a short period of time, accusing Woojin of sexual assault.

Woojin allegedly met them in a club in Seoul and harassed them by inappropriately touching them without their consent, according to the report. After some time, the individual erased the posts.

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Kim Woojin’s answer to Controversy

Woojin has published a public statement from his official ID on numerous social media platforms, claiming that the claims are false and attempting to clear his name. The scandal, on the other hand, grew dramatically with each passing day.

Another anonymous account was spotted supporting the victim’s allegations, and Woojin has been subjected to the wrath of rumours from both fans and non-fans for about a year.

Following this occurrence, several of K-pop idols’ former admirers vented their rage by burning or destroying his stuff and images. His supporters were dissatisfied, and they vented their frustrations on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

His reputation was ruined, and his long-awaited debut song was postponed. Woojin chose silence and remained out of the spotlight until June 2021, when his own label, 10x Entertainment, produced the dramatic documentary “Finger Killer.”

The film was based on Woojin’s fraudulent sexual harassment accusations, and evidence was shown to show that the claims made by an anonymous Twitter user were incorrect.

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“Some images that were used to try to incriminate Woojin were illegally obtained and perhaps doctored,” Yoon Isaac of 10X Entertainment said in an interview. Some fans may be spreading false rumours in an attempt to smear Woojin’s reputation after learning of his departure from Stray Kids.”

Kim Woojin’s Future Plans

Woojin is upbeat about his prospects and is focused on his music. “Anything I thought about the most, more than what I’ve learnt in the last ten months, was that I wanted to play my music to my fans as soon as possible,” he admitted. I’m grateful to the CUBS [his fanbase] for their patience, and I’m glad the day has finally arrived when I can show you my music.”

While many of his followers and colleagues in the music industry believe his work is influenced by his past experiences, Woojin says that this is not the case.

“It does have parts of my personal experience in them,” he remarked. Although the album began with me, I don’t believe the storey is entirely about me. I wanted to talk about the various stories that each of us can experience at some point in our lives. So I wouldn’t say my recent life situations affected the record!”

Woojin also released “Intro: Alea iacta est,” “In My Space,” “My Growing Pains,” and “Purple Sky,” among other songs.

Woojin has created an audio journal that focuses on the theme of youth and growing up to capture the emotions he felt during his transition from childhood to maturity.

Woojin’s participation as a songwriter on all of the tracks on his debut EP was not by chance. Woojin wants to take on more challenging responsibilities in the near future, so he’s determined to lay a strong foundation by mastering every notion of songwriting.

Woojin is waiting for the right opportunity to release a self-produced music for his fans. He wants to be cautious and take one step at a time till then.

Following the allegations against him in 2020, Woojin had a difficult time, and it was an eye-opener for him. His whole experience with this encounter has shaped his personality. Woojin is focusing on his objective of being a well-rounded musician now that his debut EP has been out.

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