Kia Seltos Driver Enters Station, Almost Drives onto Railway Track

On the Brink of Disaster: Kia Seltos almost driven onto Railway tracks; A Wake-Up Call for Stricter Measures

Kia Seltos on Bhubaneshwar railway station platform
Kia Seltos on Bhubaneswar railway station platform

It was the wee hours of the morning, just past 1:30 am on April 1st, 2023, when chaos erupted at the Bhubaneswar Railway Station. A bizarre incident unfolded. A passenger car (Kia Seltos) driver took a joyride through the station’s access gate (Fish Gate), which is meant for good carriers and transporters. What followed was a scene straight out of an action movie. The car barrelled through the gate and onto platform 1, barely stopping short of the tracks. It didn’t end well.

As the dust settled, the extent of the danger became clear. The car was found precariously perched, its occupants dazed but miraculously unhurt. Panic set in. People frantically directed someone to switch off the ignition before things got even worse.

Don’t Gamble with Safety: The Need for Improved Security Measures at Railway Stations

This incident has rightfully raised concerns over the security measures in place at the railway station. It’s one thing for good carriers to use the access gate. But for passenger cars to sneak through and almost cause a catastrophe is a whole different ballgame.

Moreover, if a passenger car can simply drive onto a platform, what’s to stop someone with ill intentions from doing the same? The need for improved security measures and stricter checks at railway stations to ensure the safety of all passengers and staff has never been more evident.

Kia Seltos on Bhubaneshwar railway station platform
Kia Seltos on Bhubaneswar railway station platform

A Railway Platform isn’t meant for driving

Government Railway Police (GRP) and the Railway Protection Force (RPF) are investigating the incident. Apart from the obvious safety concerns, incidents like these can also cause severe disruptions to the train schedule. The car could have easily gone crashing onto the tracks below.

The tracks were rendered unusable until the vehicle could be cleared from the area. This, in turn, could have caused a domino effect. Delaying several trains and inconveniencing countless passengers.

A Narrow Miss: Bhubaneswar Railway Station Platform Incident Could Have Ended in Tragedy

Thankfully, the car was later lifted onto the platform with the help of a crane. The duty officer at the station was quick to seize the car and arrest the driver. This for violating sections 147,154,159,145(b) of the Railway Act. Such regulations exist to ensure the safety and security of all passengers and staff at railway stations. Likewise, it’s crucial that they’re enforced without fail.

The incident at Bhubaneswar Railway Station serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that can arise from carelessness and recklessness. Railway stations are some of the busiest and most hectic places around, and incidents like this one only serve to highlight the importance of maintaining strict security measures.

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