Kia Sales Breakup August 2023

Kia Seltos 2.0
Kia Seltos 2.0

For the month of August 2023, Kia sales breakup showed a significant decline in sales YoY, with a considerable decline MoM

The South Korean brand has had a slightly unproductive spectacle in August 2023 where sales are concerned. Kia sold a total of 19,219 units in August 2023. As opposed to 22,322 units sold in August 2022 and 20,002 units sold in July 2023, Kia faced a 13.90% YoY decline and a 3.91% MoM decline.

Kia Sales Breakup August 2023 – Seltos leads the charts

The volume lost collectively for the brand stood at 3,103 units YoY over Aug 2022 and 783 units MoM over Jul 2023. Kia’s Seltos facelift is the only saving grace for the brand. Seltos SUV was the only vehicle in Kia’s portfolio to register positive growth in both YoY and MoM analysis.

Seltos SUV is one of the most popular products in its segment. Kia sold 10,698 Seltos last month, which is a respectable number for its class. Seltos registered a 23.65% YoY growth as opposed to 8,652 units sold a year ago and a 9.84% MoM growth as opposed to 9,740 units sold in July 2023.

Volume growth for Seltos stood at 2,046 units YoY and 958 units MoM. Carens took 2nd position in Kia sales breakup charts with a total of 4,359 units sold last month. As opposed to 5,558 units sold a year ago and 6,002 units sold a month before, Carens saw a 21.57% YoY decline and a 27.37% MoM decline.

Kia sales breakup
Kia sales breakup

In effect, Carens lost 1,199 units YoY and 1,643 units MoM in volume. Sonet is the third highest-selling vehicle for Kia and is due for a facelift. Test mules have been spotted on multiple occasions and countries already. Sonet sales almost halved YoY with 4,120 units sold last month and 7,838 units sold a year ago.

Kia Carnival, due for an upgrade, saw zero takers

This sub 4m SUV also registered an MoM decline at a rate of 2.94%. Volume lost YoY is 3,718 units, which is the highest in this list and volume lost MoM is 125 units and is the lowest on this list.

Kia’s sole electric vehicle EV6 sold 42 units, which is respectable considering EV6 is an import. EV6 saw 180% growth in sales YoY, gaining 27 units in volume. The South Korean brand’s flagship product, Carnival minivan, sold Kia Carnival is due for an update and the company debuted it at 2023 Auto Expo.

Kia sales breakup pie chart
Kia sales breakup pie chart

Currently Kia sells the 3rd generation model in India since 2020. Whereas the 4th gen model went on sale globally in the same year. Kia Carnival is getting a facelift globally. It is unsure whether the company will launch non-facelifted or facelifted model in India.

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