Kia Carens Safety Rating: Global NCAP Crash Test Safety Ratings of Kia Carens, Got So Many Stars

In June 2022, NCAP completed its safety testing. During this testing, the vehicle received a rating of three stars. Carens has received 30.99 points for children and 9.30 points for adults.

The Carens MPV from Kia is off to a strong start in India. This car had 50,000 reservations when it first debuted in February 2022. Its success can be explained by the fact that new customers must wait a reasonable amount of time to take the Carens home. This waiting period could last up to 75 weeks, according to Rush Lane’s report. The entry level variants and colors affect this waiting period differently.

The safety rating for this Kia vehicle has just been made public. In June 2022, NCAP completed its safety testing. For the driver’s seat, Carens has excellent head and neck protection. The driver’s seat has slightly less chest protection than the passenger seat does.

Kia Carens
Kia Carens

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Carens received three stars

In the adult category of the Global NCAP crash test, the Carens received 9.30 out of a possible 17 points. Carens scored 30.99 out of a possible 49 when it comes to child safety. All of Kia’s standard variants come with 6 bags. The company has included a lot of features in the car for safety.


What security features are present?

The Carens MPV from Kia has a ton of features. All passengers have the option of wearing seat belts thanks to the company. Speaking of airbags, both the front seats for the driver and the passenger have them. Along with this, the company has also offered side head and body airbags. The driver’s knees are not protected by an airbag in the vehicle. When it comes to ABS, the company has added a feature.

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