Kia Carens Police Car, Ambulance, New Carnival

Kia India Purpose Built Vehicles (PBVs) are here – Kia Carens PBV showcased at 2023 Auto Expo as police car and ambulance

Kia Carens Police Car and Ambulance - 2023 Auto Expo
Kia Carens Police Car and Ambulance – 2023 Auto Expo

Kia India showcased its new purpose-built vehicle (PBV) iterations of Kia Karen at Auto Expo 2023. As a police car, Carens has utility as an interceptor, and patrol police vehicles. It is also being fitted for use as an ambulance. These vehicles have been developed to meet specific needs of emergency services, law enforcement, and other organizations. PBVs meet specific needs as durable, reliable and functional vehicles for their operations.

That’s why the term, purpose built. This helps Kia tap into a new segment of customers by offering need based vehicles. As such, Carens PBVs will feature a range of customizations and modifications that make it suitable for its intended use.

Kia Carens Police Car - 2023 Auto Expo
Kia Carens Police Car – 2023 Auto Expo

Enhanced features are expected to include reinforced suspension and braking systems, and advanced lighting and communication systems. Such modifications make it easier for paramedics and police officers to safely transport patients and suspects.

As well as communicate with their colleagues while on the go. Kia Carens will be a great fit for organisations in need of a dedicated, reliable and purpose built vehicle. These new age PBVs enhance an organisation’s ability to serve their respective communities efficiently.

Kia Carens Ambulance - 2023 Auto Expo
Kia Carens Ambulance – 2023 Auto Expo

Kia Concept EV9 and Kia KA4

Kia India also showcased its vision for a sustainable and innovative future and unveiled its All-Electric SUV Concept, Kia Concept EV9 here. Highlighting its commitment to becoming a sustainable mobility solutions provider, Concept EV9 is the latest in a series of electric vehicle concepts. It reflects Kia’s ambition to push boundaries in terms of design and technology.

Kia EV9 Electric SUV Concept - 2023 Auto Expo
Kia EV9 Electric SUV Concept – 2023 Auto Expo

Kia KA4 luxury RV (New Gen Carnival) too is being showcased. The RV brings together sophisticated design, world-class safety, innovation and capabilities of advanced drive dynamics. KA4 aims to provide advanced travel solutions through innovation.

14 global Kia BEVs by 2027

Kia previously announced plans to launch 14 BEV models globally by 2027 as part of its zero-emission strategy. The company will launch 7 new BEV models by 2025. And will have 11 BEV models available for sale by 2026. It aims to sell 1 million electric vehicles annually by 2026. Prior to that, EVs would represent 20 percent of total sales by 2025. Committed to reducing emissions and providing sustainable mobility options, Kia is keen to improve EV performance, and manage battery and electric powertrain costs better.

Kia KA4 (New Gen Carnival MPV) - 2023 Auto Expo
Kia KA4 (New Gen Carnival MPV) – 2023 Auto Expo

The BEV fleet is necessary to reach Kia’s net-zero goal for 2045, meaning it will aim to have zero carbon emissions in its new cars by that date. The company is focused on transitioning to battery electric vehicles, and connected eco-friendly mobility solutions. Kia has also set a goal to use 20 percent recycled plastics in its cars by 2030. It will increase the use of recycled materials, including recycled polypropylene in car interiors. New recycling tech development is a focus area.

Kia India investment of Rs 2,000 crore, and BEV development

As Kia India works to meet the unique needs of the Indian market and work on emission goals in the region, some of these global BEVs will be studied for feasibility in India. And for certain, 1 Kia BEV will be built here for emerging markets.

Kia Carens Ambulance - 2023 Auto Expo
Kia Carens Ambulance – 2023 Auto Expo

In addition to the Concept EV9 and KA4, Kia India announced an investment of INR 2,000 crores in India for EV-related research and development, manufacturing, and infrastructure development. This investment will be aimed at accelerating the development of electric vehicles, including the local production of electric powertrains, batteries and charging infrastructure. Future growth plans are in tandem with the country’s vision of reducing the dependence on fossil fuels and promoting increased use of electric vehicles by the end of the decade (2030).

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