KGF Chapter 2 was edited by a 19-year-old Yash fan, Click to Know More about his Fan

Do you know that the Kannada origin film, which is on a mission to break multiple global records, was edited by a 19-year-old fan of the Rocking Star…?

Yash’s latest release, KGF Chapter, has been met with widespread acclaim. It’s not just about the portrayal of larger-than-life characters, direction, action sequences, thrills, and songs. Movie editing, as a critical component of bringing out the best shots and placing them with extreme accuracy and precision, has garnered widespread admiration from both fans and industry professionals.

However, did you know that the Kannada origin film, which is on track to break several world records, was edited by a 19-year-old fan of the Rocking Star…?

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Ujwal Kulkarni
Ujwal Kulkarni

Yes, you heard correctly! Ujwal Kulkarni, the editor of KGF Chapter 2, is a young man who recently turned 18. Prashanth Neel, the KGF’s chairman, revealed it publicly during an interview with India Today.

While responding to the news anchor’s questions, Neel stated, “Yash and I always discuss and offer our perspectives. He joined us as a sixteen-year-old boy. He is from Karnataka and is a fan of Yash.”

Further elucidating how he discovered him (Ujwal), Neel stated, “He edited a brief video of KGF 1, which was discovered to be very well edited by a member of the team. As a result, we brought him aboard. In his first year, he demonstrated promising results.”

“The COVID pandemic has unearthed several previously unknown talents,” he added

In the meantime, Yash stated, “Prashanth is an excellent editor in his own right, and then we discovered Ujwal, a fantastic young man who has invested a great deal of energy. However, I believe Prashanth grooms all technicians. He (Prashanth) is merely attempting to appear modest.”

Yash continued, “Ujwal has done an excellent job. However, I believe he has brought a wealth of new knowledge to every aspect. It’s fantastic that the entire production team had faith in that young man, and he’s done an outstanding job.”

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