Kevin Pietersen shares cryptic tweet after Sachin Tendulkar confirms testing positive for COVID-19, Yuvraj Singh reacts | Cricket News

Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen shared a tweet on Saturday, wondering why people announce that they have tested positive for COVID-19. His tweet came hours after batting legend Sachin Tendulkar announced him being tested positive for the virus, which also saw former India cricketer Yuvraj Singh joining the debate. 

“Can someone please tell me, why you need to announce it to the world, that you have Covid?!” Pietersen wrote on Twitter. Yuvraj was quick to react to it as he responded back asking: “And how come you thought of this today and not before?” 

Pietersen later clarified that he wasn’t aware about Tendulkar testing positive. 

Several others also pointed out the co-incidence of Pietersen’s tweet, which came hours after Sachin’s announcement.

Since his tweet in this regard, Pietersen has been engaged in conversation with his followers and also stated that the question was just out of curiosity and it was harmless.  

“It was a pretty simple & harmless question, on why many people announce they have Covid on all sorts of SM platforms. The answer around informing people, so people who know they’ve been in contact with that person and must now get tested, makes perfect sense! Thank you!” Pietersen tweeted. 

Tendulkar is currently self isolating and is followling all the necessary COVID-19 protocols. 

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