Karan Kundrra’s New Song: Afsana Khan’s blast, Divya Aggarwal crying over Karan Kundrra’s infidelity

Afsana Khan Bechari Song: This song stars Divya Agarwal and Karan Kundrra as her lover, from whom Divya is seen crying a lot after being cheated on. And Afsana Khan has given voice to Divya’s tragic story.

Afsana Khan’s name was in the news last year, and she released a new song called Bechari. When the song ‘Titliyaan’ by Hardy Sandhu and Sargun Mehta was released. We don’t need to explain who wrote this song. The song was also noteworthy because it featured Afsana Khan’s distinct voice. The same voice has been heard once more. Afsana Khan’s new song ‘Bechari,’ which is no less than ‘Titliyan Varga,’ has been released. In this song, Divya Agarwal is seen crying over Karan Kundrra’s infidelity.

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Karan Kundrra's New Song
Karan Kundrra’s New Song

Afsana’s voice will make you fall in love all over again.

Karan Kundra and Divya Aggarwal star in the new song ‘Bechari,’ which is performed by Afsana Khan. The song also has a story, with Nawaz, aka Karan Kundra, as the hero and Shabbo, aka Divya Agarwal, as the heroine. This story of Karan Kundra’s crazy Shabbo is both beautiful and emotional. The song’s voice is unique, and the lyrics are also heartfelt, which explains why so many people enjoy it. And listening to this will bring back memories of singing butterflies.

Divya’s tears and Karan’s infidelity

Divya Aggarwal appears in this song, and Karan Kundrra plays her lover, from whom Divya is seen crying profusely after being duped. Afsana, Karan, and Divya all have something in common: they were all recently seen on Bigg Boss. Divya Agarwal won the first season of Bigg Boss OTT, while Karan and Afsana were part of Bigg Boss 15. Afsana Khan rose to prominence after singing Titliyan, and as a result of her celebrity, she was cast in Bigg Boss. Despite the fact that she had left the show a long time ago.

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