Kangana Ranaut says a boy in her town sexually raped her as a youngster

Munawar Faruqui’s confession of being sexually molested when he was just six or seven years old prompted host Kangana Ranaut to share her own story of being inappropriately handled as a child by a boy in her community.

Munawar decides to save Saisha Shinde by revealing his secret in the show. He informs Kangana, “I was sexually raped when I was between the ages of six and seven. They were family members. It lasted between four and five years. It was close relatives, and I had no idea at the time. When it reached an excessive level in the fourth year, they realised they needed to quit.” He continued, “I’ve never discussed this with everyone since I’m forced to confront them. I didn’t see the point in telling anyone. My father, I believe, was aware of it. He once said something that made me feel as though he knew it, but I can’t recall it precisely. Now I believe dad said nothing because he may have felt the same way…as in, how do you tell anyone about it?”

Kangana stated to him, “Munawar, every year, thousands of children face this type of mistreatment, but no one discusses it publicly. Everyone has been inappropriately touched during their childhood. This is something that many people, including myself, have encountered. When I was a tiny child in my town, a boy a few years older than me used to touch me improperly. However, I had no idea what that signified at the time. Every child must endure this regardless of how protective their family is.”

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Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

She continued, “However, another critical point you made is that everyone feels accountable for the situation prior to sharing it. Children cannot receive this education since they are too young. You cannot sexualize them or teach them to distinguish between good and bad touch. The society is in such a state of distress. And children suffer tremendously as a result of this. They are permanently traumatised and disfigured. They encounter a slew of difficulties later in life. As such, this is a forum for raising awareness regarding child and sexual abuse. Munawar and I have both encountered it.”

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Kangana did not rest on her laurels. She related another incident from her childhood. As she put it, “While it is true that humare mohalle mein choti hi umar ka hi ek ladka tha, humse teen chaar saal bada tha. Clearly, he was experimenting with his sexuality. Bahot chote chote the hum bache. The hum logon ko bulate. The humare kapde utarte. Check karte the humko. Paanch cheh saal ke the hum paanch cheh saal ke the. Uss time nahi aata tha ki humare saath kya ho raha hai. However, yeh mujhe lagta hai kaafi badi parecentage bachon ki hai who undergo this, and there is a significant shame attached to it, particularly for men. And you are quite courageous, Munawar.”

Munawar informs Kangana that the entire affair has stayed with him. Kangana assures him that she understands, stating that ‘they are your family members, they are present, and you must confront them. It’s ironic that those who care about you would do such things. It generates emotions that you are unable to comprehend. It has an effect on our life choices. The best course of action is to discuss it and get it off your chest. And I appreciate the fact that you shared it on this platform.’

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