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SDM Jyoti Maurya is at the center of a case that continues to unfold with daily revelations. Once again, Jyoti Maurya has decided to speak out. She claims that her husband, Alok Maurya, possesses private photos of her and she fears he may circulate them on social media.

Confidential Information with Alok

In an interview published in a national newspaper, Jyoti Maurya revealed that her WhatsApp account was hacked. But it doesn’t end there—Alok Maurya also has access to her personal life’s private pictures. She is apprehensive about Alok potentially making them go viral. Additionally, Alok has possession of confidential departmental information and documents. If action against Alok is not taken soon, there is a risk of misuse.

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Dowry Harassment Charges Leveled by Police

Regarding the dowry harassment charges, Jyoti clarified that she has been married to Alok for seven years. However, the charges of dowry harassment will be dropped. Jyoti disclosed that Alok has been demanding 5 million rupees and a house from her. Consequently, the police have filed dowry harassment charges against him. Jyoti emphasized that she has not accused Alok of dowry harassment.

Alok Previously Identified as Panchayat Officer

On the other hand, Alok had alleged that Jyoti wants to leave him because he works as a sanitation worker. In response, Jyoti Maurya stated that she only found out about Alok’s background a few years ago. During their marriage, Alok had identified himself as a village panchayat officer. Jyoti Maurya accuses Alok and his family of demanding money, causing distress to her own family.

The case continues to unfold, shedding light on the complexities and challenges faced by SDM Jyoti Maurya. The allegations and counter-allegations between Jyoti and Alok Maurya underscore the importance of a thorough investigation to uncover the truth behind these accusations.

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