Johnny Depp has offered Rs 2,355 crore?: Disney offered Jack Sparrow’s role after winning the case Against Amber Heard

Since he won his defamation case, Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has been in the news frequently. Depp had to endure numerous losses in his personal and professional life as a result of this case. Many projects were also left out of his control as a result of this situation.

Now, a recent source claims that Disney has made Depp an offer for his enduring role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, valued at $ 301 million, or Rs 2,355 crore. Additionally, the studio has expressed regret.

Hope Depp reprises their role as the enduring figure: Disney

Disney, a Hollywood production company, reportedly allegedly made an offer of Rs 2,355 crore to make amends for the movie. A close associate of the Mouse House corporation claimed that in addition to the present, the corporate office also wrote the actor a note. I am unsure of how it was delivered to them, though. The company has also created a draught for Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. He hopes that Johnny would accept forgiveness and take up this legendary role once more.

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Johnny won’t be playing Jack Sparrow

In this matter, neither Johnny Depp nor his staff has provided any official confirmation to far. A few time earlier, though, Depp made the announcement that he will not reprise his role as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. even if the studio gives me a very large sum.

Got Fired from a number of Movies

Depp was accused of domestic violence by Amber Heard. The actor then accuses Heard of slander. Actress Amber Heard also accused Johnny Depp of physical and psychological abuse in the case. Depp was consequently cut from numerous movies. Along with this, the creators of popular movie franchises like Fantastic Beasts 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean declined to include him in the line-up.

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