J&K Intel Agency Alleged that 24 Government Employees have Links with Terrorists

Intelligence agencies in J&K traced the direct links of 24 to anti-national activities & accused them of operating as overground workers for terror groups.

In a breaking development from Jammu and Kashmir, over two dozen of government employees have been named for alleged terror links. The intelligence agencies in the Union Territory traced their direct links to anti-national activities, at a point in time, and accused them of operating as OGWs (overground workers) for insurgent groups spewing terrorism and not for the Indian Armed Forces. 

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The said sackings will be cleared by the committee of the J&K administration for recommending charges under Article 311(2)(c) of the Indian Constitution.

Sources informed that the lot outrightly denied any links to a terror organisation, however, officials have ascertained that they were associated with unlawful advances at a point in time. 

J&K Intel Agency
J&K Intel Agency

24 government employees named for alleged terror links in Jammu and Kashmir

The crackdown on anti-nationals sympathisers came to the fore after the J&K designated committee scrutinised shreds of evidence that qualified for Article 311(2)(c) of the Constitution of India. The said provision enumerates that a government employee can be dismissed when the President or Governor, as the case may be, is satisfied that it is in the interest of the security of the state. In fact, in such detention, it is not expedient to hold a departmental enquiry.

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Furthermore, the report suggests that the two-dozen government employees were inducted into services without a thorough check on one’s background and without any adherence to protocol. Experts have commented that the surveillance should’ve been utmost in a sensitive region by the previous J&K government and any link with terrorism must not be granted political patronage. The recommendation to dismiss the 24 from their government services will be based on charges and the decision of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha-led administration. 

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