Israel lifts all COVID-19 travel restrictions and scraps its red list

Israel’s Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that its red list of destinations with high COVID-19 cases would be removed. COVID-19 travel restrictions on all countries have been lifted, according to the Ministry’s Director General, Prof. Nachman Ash.

The Ministry’s decision is based on government policy, which states that the “red” nation list will be suspended once the number of people who tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in Israel falls below 5% of total patients.

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Travel to and from countries that were previously on Israel’s “red list” will now be permitted. The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, Tanzania, France, Turkey, Mexico, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, and Nigeria were among the countries involved.

Israel lifts all COVID-19 travel
Israel lifts all COVID-19 travel

According to recent data, Israel is experiencing a surge and will soon be recording 50000 COVID-19 cases per day. Despite the fact that the number of hospitalizations is on the rise, the number of critically ill patients on ventilators is stable, according to Ash.

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The former “red” countries have been moved to Israel’s “orange” list, which is a collection of countries where the Ministry of Health advises against unnecessary travel due to high virus cases.

All vaccinated or recovered people from these orange nations must quarantine for 24 hours upon arrival in Israel, or until they receive a negative test report, according to the Health Ministry. Unvaccinated travellers, on the other hand, must undergo two negative tests: one upon arrival and another after seven days of quarantine.

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