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New Delhi: Our lives have been genuinely made easier by the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). With a few taps, payments are made online, whether we’re shopping in a mall or filling up the car at the petrol station. But as UPI has become more and more popular, fewer and fewer individuals carry cash and frequently find themselves in awkward circumstances when UPI fails or gets stuck.

Why do UPI payments stall though? There are numerous factors that can cause UPI transactions to fail in terms of payments. Here are some tips that may assist you in making your payment if you have experienced comparable payment problems. (Also Read: Daughters Of Destiny: These Women Are Not Only Running Their Father’s Business But Also Revolutionizing The Game – In Pics)

UPI Payment Daily Limit

The majority of banks and payment processors have capped the number of UPI transactions each day. Additionally, the maximum sum of money that can be sent using UPI in a single transaction is Rs. 1 lakh, per NPCI norms.

Therefore, you will need to wait 24 hours before your daily limit is renewed if you have over the daily money transfer limit or have completed roughly 10 UPI transactions. Try making a payment from a different bank account or payment method if you are in the middle of one.

Bank servers that are overloaded are one of the most frequent causes of UPI failures or payments getting stuck. Therefore, it is preferable to link multiple bank accounts to your UPI ID in order to avoid that. You can therefore start payments through your second bank account in the event that one of your bank’s servers is down.

Receiver Details

When sending money, it is strongly advised to double-check the recipient’s bank’s IFSC code and bank account number. If the sender entered the incorrect IFSC code or account number when sending the money, the transaction may also fail for the user.


We have a lot of passwords to remember, including those for our phones, ATMs, emails, and more. Therefore, it’s probable that you will forget your UPI PIN. By tapping “Forget UPI PIN” and following the on-screen instructions, you can reset your UPI PIN if you’ve lost it. Additionally, try writing down your PIN somewhere secure if you frequently forget it.

Internet Connection

One of the main causes of UPI payments becoming stuck or failing is a network connection. In order to acquire a steady internet connection, move around a little to check for a signal or, if it’s possible, ask the sender to turn on their hotspot.

UPI Lite

One of the main causes of UPI payment failures, as we previously discussed, is slow bank servers and network problems. Therefore, UPI Lite was established by NPCI last year to assist users with that.







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