‘Is Pakistan A Country Or…?’: MQM Chief Altaf Hussain Calls It A Nation Of Slaves | World News

London: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) supremo Altaf Hussain has said that Pakistan is a country of 230 million slaves. The so-called democrats and politicians are time-servants and are the facilitators to their masters in the establishment which consists of corrupt brasses in the military, top bureaucrats, top slots in higher and apex judiciary, feudal lords and real estate tycoons.

In his recent tweet, Altaf Hussain said that “Pakistan has been made a joke. Military brasses are solely responsible for Pakistan`s bankruptcy, enslaved judiciary, ruined economy and terrorism.”He said that he has been struggling for the reversal of slavery and true freedom of the enslaved 230 million people and hence he is facing the wrath of the ghoulish military top brasses. “In addition, the military in alliance with its puppet governments carried genocide of Mohajirs which resulted in above 30,000 deaths,” he said.

He slammed the rulers of Pakistan saying that the sly cabal of the establishment decides the fate of the population of 230 million. The country`s draconian and ghoulish establishment decides or even imposes the engineered governments through rigged elections and thus the governments formed to serve their true masters. They mint billions of dollars through kickbacks, rob the national exchequer and impose heavy taxes on the hunger-and-poverty-driven enslaved masses.

He accused the military generals and the military`s secret services of corruption and said that they dictate the country`s domestic, economic and foreign policies. They are the military generals who decide who is a patriot and who is a traitor. Raising questions about the country`s military`s political engineering, loot and plunder and genocide of people of oppressed Mohajirs and other nations has been made the most unpardonable crime and those who raise such questions are declared as traitors as they have done to the MQM supremo Altaf Hussain.

Hussain said that the judges of lower, higher and apex courts have acquired the status of the whole constitution. They say that they are the constitution and the law of the country and the big chiefs, feudal lords, and capitalists also equally claim that they are the constitution and law of the country.

Then come the military generals who not only claim but act as sole authorities. They say in a shrill voice that what they say, what they write and what they do is the real constitution and laws of the country.

He questioned where the enslaved 230 million people stand. He asked the leaders of the constitution and the law to answer with one voice that the 230 million people are slaves, peasants, farmers, labourers and farmers.

Therefore, the helpless 230 million people, including women and children, who are being killed and subjected to brutal cruelty, do not raise a lot of noise and fuss over all kinds of injustices against them. Otherwise, emergency or martial law will be imposed in the country, commented the MQM supremo.”You always showed us light to guide us in the dark. Now the darkness is everywhere so You must descend to tear apart the darkness,” he prayed to Allah. 

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