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Instagram is one of the most widely used social networks today. Instagram prioritizes visual and video content as the main content, so a lot of interesting videos and images appear on Instagram every day. But unfortunately for reasons of wanting to protect the content of creators, Instagram has closed access to download video and image content directly on the social network.

The inability to directly upload photos and videos on Instagram proves that Instagram maintains users’ privacy. For famous artists or photos that have a lot of interesting content, of course, many users want that photo or video for various reasons.

Although Instagram has closed its image or video download access, there are still ways to do this. One of them is using the Instagram downloader app to download Instagram videos available on Playstore. 

There are many Instagram downloader apps that you can download on the Playstore, some of which have different viewing modes but the same purpose which is to download videos and images.

Having a lot of followers on Instagram is a dream for some people, having a lot of followers on Instagram will give you a good reputation in the virtual world and the real world. 

There are many free and paid Instagram downloader apps that offer the convenience of downloading videos across all Instagram accounts, either via PC or via computer. This time, we will make the most suitable recommendations for you. Here are recommendations:

1. SnapX

For those of you who don’t want to be complicated, you can use the SnapX app to download Instagram photos and videos. This online video downloader app that can be downloaded on Playstore is an application that has been downloaded by many users. This app is well worth your while because it can download both Instagram photos and videos in high quality.

2. IGTV Video Downloader

Instagram downloader app followed by IGTV Videos Downloader. This application was available not long ago with the arrival of a new feature on Instagram called IGTV. IGTV itself is the latest Instagram feature created to compete with Youtube. IGTV itself offers longer videos.

3. Video Downloader For Instagram

One of the next best Instagram Video Downloader apps on mobile is Video Downloader For Instagram app. This Instagram downloader app brings convenience to users. After you download this app on Playstore, just enter and fill it directly in the first column in this app with the link to the Instagram image or video you want to download. This method is quite simple compared to having to log in first.

4. All video downloader 2019

The next best Instagram video downloader app is All Video Downloader 2019. This Instagram downloader app feels quite special compared to other similar apps as it has multiple platforms, not only Instagram but mobile friends can also download videos on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter just by entering a link. the video will be downloaded.

5. Switsave

Contrary to other Instagram downloader apps, this app offers the convenience of downloading more than 3 videos at once. However, this application has a weakness that you must log in first to be able to download the desired video. Although you have to log in first, the application is safe because it is equipped with a security latch.

6. Quick Save Quick

Save is one of the best Instagram downloader apps for mobile versions. Where this application provides this convenience, users will not need to log in first to still get the videos they want. Then my friend simply entered the video link to be downloaded before finally being able to download the video in question.

7. IV Saver Photo Video Download 

The next best Video Download app is IV Saver Photo Video Download. This is an Instagram downloader app that allows you to easily download Instagram videos that other apps can’t provide. It has been recorded that tens of thousands of people download this app with a high rating. This app also provides premium features like delete multiple videos and apps in your account with one click.

8. Insta Saver

If you are skeptical about some of the Instagram downloader apps above because you have to log in first, this app offers a convenience that some other apps don’t have. Then you just need to enter the video link to download so that the application automatically downloads the video. However, this app also contains ads that annoy users.

9. Insta Story Saver

Not many Instagram downloader apps provide access to download stories. If you need an app that can download Instagram stories then this free app could be the right choice for you to use. With a relatively small size, this application makes it easy to access. Other features such as regular video downloading are also available in this application.

10. Video Downloader for Instagram

The next one is Video Downloader for Instagram. Almost like other Instagram downloader apps, this app also offers the convenience of downloading videos on Instagram. Some of the conveniences that this application brings, one of which is that the user just needs to copy the download link of the video before pasting it in the first column in this application.

How to download Instagram videos on PC

If above we provide suggestions to download using the app, this time our recommendation is for those who want to download Instagram videos but use a computer / PC device. Many of us use business Instagram accounts and operate them on a computer device, which is quite interesting because it has a larger screen with wider customization capabilities, especially for those who run Instagram for online store accounts or something like that. Here are the recommendations.

11. SnapInsta

SnapInsta.App is a familiar Instagram downloader to access and download various videos on Instagram. Almost like other similar websites, you just need to copy the link of the desired video on Instagram before pasting it on the SnapInsta website. The web will then automatically offer an Instagram video download under the thumbnail image and you can download it in the desired resolution.

12. Download Gram

An Instagram downloader with the special ability to download Instagram videos is Downloadgram. This app is perfect for those of you who like to access lots of videos to reload on Instagram. This website also provides easy accessibility as users don’t need to log in, just enter the Instagram video link to be downloaded.

How to download Instagram videos on iOS:

13. InstaSave

When downloading the above Instagram downloader apps for iOS users, some of the apps available to download Instagram videos generally work the same way. But usually, the application is divided into two methods, the first is that the user only provides the video link to download and the second is that you have to log in with the account you have to be able to download the video easily.

Final Words

There are a lot of Instagram downloader apps that offer Instagram video downloading services, but again, you need to be careful to consider that many apps will take over your account. Especially for those of you who often use applications that have to log in to your account first. Hope our review of the Recommended Instagram downloader app can be helpful.

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