India’s Best Dancer 3: Sonali Bendre Hails Boogie LLB’s Electrifying Performance | Television News


New Delhi: This weekend, Sony Entertainment Television’s homegrown dance reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer Season 3’, will be hosting the ‘Ek Aur Ek Gyaarah’ challenge wherein there will be one extra point, up for grabs from each judge. To secure their place in the show, the contestants and choreographers will have to join forces to show the judges that they are in it, to win it and safeguard themselves by claiming the extra point. 


But it was Boogie LLB and choreographer Saumya Kamble whose dance moves to Arijit Singh’s rendition of the beautiful classical thumri “Ka Karoon Sajani” that would leave the audiences awestruck!  Surprising the young dancer before the performance will be his mother and sister, making Boogie extremely happy. Talking about the amazing performance, judge Sonali Bendre would say, “During the performance, the choreographers had tears in their eyes! This is a testament to how the performance was!” 


Going on stage then, the judge would stand alongside the duo and say, “As Geeta says, “bade kalakaaro ke saath khade hoke baat karte hai”. I’m inspired by Geeta, so “dade kalakaro ko wahan baithke nehin, yahan aake batate hai ki unka performance kitna toofani tha! I just want to say that each expression emerged from the tips of your hair, your nails, and every pore, every cell in your body was dancing. Dance is an expression, and it was expressed beautifully in your act!”  


She also goes on to compliment the 17-year-old choreographer, Saumya, who is the youngest choreographer in India’s Best Dancer Season 3, talking about how she is looking forward to what the young gun’ does next.  


Tune in to watch Boogie LLB shine on stage, in ‘Ek Aur Ek Gyaarah’, on India’s Best Dancer 3, this weekend at 8 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television!


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