India Patents Honda U-go Electric Scooter Design

The Honda U-Go is a compact urban roundabout that is sold in several countries.

In India, Honda has filed a design patent for a new electric scooter. The design is based on the Honda U-Go electric scooter, which is sold in other countries.

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Design and Features of The Honda U-Go

In international markets, the U-Go is positioned as an affordable urban runabout with a neat and simple design. With an integrated LED headlight, the front apron is largely flat. The turn indicators are mounted on the handlebar’s black plastic shroud.

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The side panels are well-integrated, with cutouts for stowing the pillion footrest for a flush appearance. The tail section is also quite nice, with the blacked-out area around the lights adding a nice finishing touch.

The scooter has an LCD display, USB charging port, and a 26-litre boot, to name a few features.

Battery and Motor for The Honda U-Go

In other markets, the U-Go is available in two trims: one with a 1.2kW motor and a top speed of 53km, and the other with a 0.8kW motor and a top speed of 43km. Both motors are mounted on the hub. While the top speed is low, the removable 1.44kWh battery provides a respectable 65km of range. With the addition of a second battery pack, the range can be increased to 130 kilometers.

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Honda’s U-Go is Now Available in India

While Honda has registered the U-design Go’s patent in India, it is too early to predict when the electric scooter will be released. In fact, in 2021, the company patented the PCX electric scooter in India. It remains to be seen whether Honda will release either of the scooters as-is or adapt them to our conditions by installing different motors or batteries.

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