In this village, the new bride roams without clothes for the whole five days, know the reason

If someone gets married in this village, the new bride must go five days without wearing anything.

New Delhi: Today we’ll tell you about a village where a strange tradition is practised, after which the ground will crumble beneath your feet and you’ll be forced to think.

Let us tell you that this tradition is still practised in Himachal Pradesh’s villages, and now we’ll tell you all about it.

According to the report, whenever someone is married in this village, the new bride must remain naked for the entire five days; I’m sure you’re all thinking that this is a tradition that should not be questioned. Raise, let us inform you that there have been numerous reports on this custom.

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Let us tell you that people in the Manikaran Valley still follow this tradition, which states that husband and wife cannot speak to each other for five days after they marry.

Let us tell you that the locals believe that if the bride and groom do not communicate for the first five days after their wedding, their marriage will fail.

If this does not occur, the people here believe that there is a sign of some evil, and in order to avoid this evil, women here wear no clothes for 5 days after marriage.

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