In the spring of 2022, the new Renault Australia will be launched, Know the Features

Renault Austral is a car manufactured by Renault. This is the name of the new Renault mid-size SUV that will be manufactured in Spain, specifically at the Palencia plant. It was confirmed today by the rhombus’ signature in a statement.

In addition, the new Renault Austral will be the replacement for the Renault Kadjar, a compact SUV that is currently on the market. The new Renault Austral will be unveiled in spring 2022 and go on sale a year later.

Following the announcement of the 2021-2024 Industrial Plan by the Renault Group last March, through its new president Luca de Piss, this new Renault Austral is also one of the cars assigned by Renault to the Palencia plant.

In addition, three variants of the new Renault Austral SUV will be produced. The first is this mid-size SUV, which replaces the Kadjar and has a length of 4.51 meters.

Renault Austral SUV
Renault Austral SUV

However, two new variants will be released later. One will be a seven-seater model, while the other will be a coupe-style SUV. These three cars will be built in Palencia, and it is expected that they will all be unveiled in 2022, though the entire range may arrive later (initially it was said that it would extend until 2024).

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With the arrival of the Renault Austral, the diamond signature will fill the void left by the Renault Mégane, which will be phased out soon. The reason for this is that the new Renault Mégane, which is already 100 percent electric, will no longer be built in Renault’s French electric vehicle assembly plant.

In this way, the Palencia factory confirms its commitment to electrified versions (hybrids and plug-ins) with the new Austral, despite the fact that it will not have a 100 percent electric version.

new SUV renault Austral
new SUV renault Austral

We also need to know which are the two new models assigned to Valladolid, the Renault group’s second plant in Spain, once one of the five unknowns that Renault had pending was cleared (it would be necessary to know the names of the 7-seater version and coupe based on the Renault Austral) (there is a third plant, which is Seville, which will become the car reconditioning plant).

Valladolid is expected to get a new SUV-B (urban SUV) and a B plus (urban crossover type) in this regard. Following the decision of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance to manufacture cars in Europe, it was speculated that one of these could be a Mitsubishi. This plant already produces the Renault Captur, and production of the second generation Captur is guaranteed until around 2027.

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