In Europe, Omicron has infected 1 lakh people in a single day, and Belgium, France has banned public gatherings

The Omicron coronavirus strain has been devastating in Europe, and the World Health Organization has declared it a “variant of concern.” It has already supplanted the Delta in the United Kingdom, and it is expected to do so in France as well.

Coronavirus strain Omicron has spread rapidly throughout the world, becoming the dominant strain in the United States. The strain has spread to over 100 countries since it was first discovered on November 24 in South Africa.

Europe, which has been battered by Omicron, is in particularly bad shape. It has resulted in an increase in coronavirus disease (Covid-19) infection in countries such as the United Kingdom, where one lakh cases were recently reported in one day.

Europe has had the highest number of deaths in the past week, accounting for 53% of all deaths worldwide, followed by the United States and Canada, which accounted for 22%.

The following are the most recent updates on the Omicron situation in Europe, as well as the recent increase in Covid-19 infection:

Europe, Omicron
Europe, Omicron

On Friday, Britain saw another day of record Covid-19 cases (122,186), with new estimates indicating that the virus is infecting large swaths of London’s population. The Omicron variant is driving the surge.

According to the UK’s health authorities, it has already surpassed other strains as the most common.

After Christmas, the government has stated that new restrictions may be implemented.

As the Omicron variant continued to spread rapidly, France became the first country to reach 100,000 cases since the pandemic began. Over the last month, the number of hospitalizations has also doubled.

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In the past week, more than one in every 100 people in the Paris area has tested positive. The omicron variant, which government experts predict will be dominant in France in the coming days, is responsible for the majority of new infections.

The government of President Emmanuel Macron will convene emergency meetings on Monday to discuss the next steps in combating Covid-19.

Belgium: With Omicron already the dominant strain in the United Kingdom and ravaging France, Belgium’s neighbouring country imposed new measures on Sunday, ordering the closure of cultural venues such as theatres and concert halls.

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Thousands of performers, event organisers, and others demonstrated against the decision on Sunday in Brussels, holding signs that read “The Show Must Go On.”

The Netherlands: In a partial new lockdown, the Dutch government has gone further than most European countries, closing all non-essential stores, restaurants, and bars, as well as extending school holidays.

On Saturday, other countries, such as Italy, reported a third consecutive high number of cases. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland imposed new social restrictions on Sunday, primarily limiting the size of gatherings, which the restaurant, pub, and nightclub industries have described as economically damaging.

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