In 2022, Skoda Hopes To Sell 70,000 Cars

Skoda has outlined its plans for 2022, with the goal of making this year the best in India.

Under the group’s India 2.0 plan, Skoda has been undergoing a significant transformation in our market. Last year, the all-new Kushaq mid-size SUV, new Octavia executive sedan, and updated Superb luxury sedan demonstrated this. The Czech carmaker, on the other hand, plans to keep the momentum going in 2022, with six more launches planned for the year, all of which are aimed at significantly increasing sales volumes.

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  • Skoda to launch 6 new models, including Kodiaq and Slavia
  • Kushaq and Slavia sales expected to be around 2,500 units monthly
  • Sales network set to expand to 140 cities and 225 touchpoints

In 2022, Skoda will introduce six new models

Skoda plans to launch six models (some new and some variants) over the course of 2022, according to one of the key announcements made today. The updated Kodiaq will be available on January 10th, with the all-new Slavia (the Rapid’s replacement) following in March. This year will also see the introduction of a new top-spec Kushaq Monte Carlo trim. The three remaining models/variants have yet to be revealed.

In 2022, Skoda Hopes To Sell 70,000 Cars
In 2022, Skoda Hopes To Sell 70,000 Cars

Zac Hollis, Director Sales, Service & Marketing, Skoda Auto India, confirmed to the media that the new Octavia vRS will not be arriving in our market this year. He also mentioned that a new model based on the MQB A0-IN platform is in the works, but that it will not be released this year.

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In 2022, Skoda expects to sell over 70,000 cars

The automaker also stated that in 2022, it plans to triple its 2021 sales figures, with total annual sales expected to be around 70,000 units. Skoda plans to sell 2,500 units of the Kushaq and Slavia each month, making these two models the company’s top contributors, with roughly 60,000 units sold over the course of the year. Even the soon-to-be-released Kodiaq is expected to sell 100 units per month.

“Yes, you are right,” Zac Hollis said in an interview with Autocar India, “we know we are entering a segment where diesel has a significant share, so obviously we will only be looking at the sales from the petrol segment, and targeting about a 100 units per month.”

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Skoda wants to expand its sales network and brand of Certified Pre-owned vehicles

Skoda also wants to expand their sales network, with the goal of covering 140 cities in India (up from 117 now) and increasing the number of touchpoints from 175 to 225 by the end of the year (over 25 percent growth). More than 60 of these will be in rural areas and will use the brand’s new ‘compact’ workshop format. This will be accompanied by a decrease in service costs, which will be aided greatly by the over 90% localization of its volume models (the Kushaq and Slavia).

In 2022, Skoda Hopes To Sell 70,000 Cars
In 2022, Skoda Hopes To Sell 70,000 Cars

In addition, Skoda wants to expand its ‘Certified Pre-Owned’ programme by incorporating it into all of its Indian dealerships.

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Skoda wants to increase corporate sales by a small amount

Skoda’s corporate saes number has already increased by 127 percent between 2020 and 2021, thanks to various partnerships with banks and financial institutions. Skoda hopes to maintain this growth trajectory in 2022 by increasing sales to businesses rather than fleet buyers.

Given that leasing companies are more likely to prefer sedans, Skoda will benefit from having a well-balanced sedan lineup.

Zac Hollis went on to say more. “We’ve always been known for building great sedans, and we’ll keep doing so this year.” “Our sedans have always been seen as very good luxury cars that offer great value, making them a great buy for corporations.”

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