Imran Khan, From Bulletproof Container, Addresses Massive Rally At Minar-i-Pakistan | World News

Lahore: Former prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan managed to hold a large rally at Minar-i-Pakistan late on Saturday (March 26) night. In the face of media blackout and physical hindrances, Khan addressed the crowd from behind bullet-proof glass, highlighting the struggles and difficulties his party had to face leading up to the event. He criticized the PML-N-led government and the military establishment for their attempts to suppress his rally, stating, “one thing is clear, whoever is in power, they will get a message today that people’s passion cannot be curbed via hurdles and containers.”

Khan presented his party’s roadmap for economic recovery, emphasizing the need to make difficult decisions to improve tax collections and exports. As per a PTI report, he stated, “A major surgery is needed to put our house in order. Overseas Pakistanis will bring their dollars to the country provided they are given incentives.” He also proposed giving loans to young people to start businesses and reviving the mortgage scheme.

During his speech, Khan expressed his concerns over the upcoming elections in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which he believes are being manipulated to prevent his return to power. He stated, “How will guarantee that the elections will be held even in October? The government and its handlers have only a one-point agenda on how to stop me from returning to power.”

Imran Khan calls for strong judicial system in Pakistan

Khan also criticized the current government’s handling of the country’s economic and political issues, stating that real freedom can only come with the rule of law. He emphasized the need for the country to establish a strong judicial system, stating, “Pakistan has no future if there is no rule of law.”

Throughout his speech, Khan highlighted the struggles his party and supporters had to face leading up to the rally, stating, “Police attacked my house as they wanted to arrest me in false cases. The people supported me during the clash with the police as they knew I was right. They have booked me in 40 terrorism cases…Will the nation accept that Imran Khan is a terrorist?”

Despite the challenges he faced, Khan remained optimistic and determined, stating, “The way the powerful circles are behaving in Pakistan today it seems that Imran Khan is the only problem of the country.” He expressed his willingness to work with the current government to steer the country out of the economic quagmire, stating, “I am ready to sit at home if they have any agenda to steer the country out of the economic quagmire.”

Imran Khan was ousted from power in April last year after he lost a no-confidence vote.

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