IIT-BHU Alumni Donated How Much To Set Up An Entrepreneurship Center

Varanasi: An IIT-BHU alumnus The IIT-BHU Foundation has received a $1 million donation from Jay Chaudhry, the CEO and founder of a cloud-based information security enterprise. The gift will go toward the Entrepreneurship Center at IIT-BHU, which will focus on student, faculty, and entrepreneurship growth. In 1980, Chaudhry earned a BTech in Electronics Engineering from IIT-BHU.

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According to a representative for IIT-BHU, the donation will be used to construct a Software Innovation Center, which will provide a platform for students to learn and innovate in the fields of software development, quantum computing, cyber security, IoT, and data analytics.
Deep Jariwala will work with IIT-BHU to find a faculty member to serve as the ‘Jay Chaudhry Professor of Software Innovation,’ who will oversee and operate the Software Innovation Center. Chaudhry’s gift will fund a lecture series on software innovation as well as a software technology seed fund, in addition to a professorship and the Innovation Center. Vish Narayanan, on behalf of the IIT-BHU foundation, is in charge of both of these activities.


“This Entrepreneurship Center will help educate young students to navigate their careers and learn practical skills to allow them to be more competitive in the world of cyber security,” says Chaudhry, adding, “The education I received at IIT-BHU played a pivotal role in preparing me for the business world.” My hope is that the Entrepreneurship Center will provide students with high dreams and aspirations with the same possibilities that I had.

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Chaudhry is an inspiration for students, according to Arun Tripathi, president of the IIT-BHU Foundation. “We’ve secured financing for student development, teacher development, and entrepreneurship development at IIT-BHU with this gift.” As graduates, we are all passionate about revitalising our Institute, advancing its goal, and enhancing its standing as a world-class engineering college. Jay’s contribution enables us to accomplish all of this and more.”

Prof. Pramod Kumar Jain, the director of IIT-BHU, and the Board of Governors also expressed their gratitude and acknowledged the significance of the $1 million bequest. “The Entrepreneurship Center will go a long way toward improving student education and growth, faculty retention of the top talent in the world, and the promise of young entrepreneurs on our campus,” stated Dr. Jain.

“It’s this support from present alums for future alums that maintains IIT-BHU on the cutting edge,” he continued. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to use this incredible gift to help so many of our students follow in Jay’s footsteps.

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Prof. Rajeev Srivastava, Dean (Resource & Alumni), also expressed his gratitude and stated that the DoRA office is collaborating with the IIT-BHU Foundation and alumni all over the world for the overall development of the university brotherhood.

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